AGU 2005 Talks and Posters


CIRMOUNT-Sponsored Session, Dec 7, 2005:
Extreme Events in Western Mountain Climate, Resources, and Ecosystems

Abstracts of all talks and posters presented.


Barros, AP.''And What is There to be Gained, if we Never Question our Hydrologic Paradigms?" Extreme Events and Mountain Hydroclimatology

Cole, KL.Late Glacial to Early Holocene Climate Oscillations in the American Southwest

Knowles, N.Trends in Snowfall versus Rainfall for the Western United States

Lacan, I; Matthews, KR.Potential for Loss of Breeding Habitat for Imperiled Mountain Yellow-legged Frog (Rana muscosa) in High Sierra Nevada Mountain Water Bodies due to Reduced Snowpack: Interaction of Climate Change and an Introduced Predator

Losleben, MV; Caine, N; Flanagan, C; McKnight, D; Monson, R.The Potential for Long-Term Impacts of Extreme Events in the Front Range of Colorado

Marks, D.The Sensitivity of Snowmelt Processes to Meteorological Conditions and Forest Cover During Rain-on-Snow

Peterson, DL; McKenzie, D; Littell, J.Effects of a Warmer Climate on Stress Complexes in Forests of Western North America

Redmond, KT.Temporal Variability of Climatic Extremes in Mountain Environments

Wolter, K; Eischeid, JK.Trends in Extreme Precipitation Events in the Western U.S. Since 1979


Ababneh, L.Bristlecone Pine (BCP) Paleoclimatic Model for Archaeological Patterns in the White Mountain of California

Bardsley, T; Losleben, M; Julander, R.The Documentation of Extreme Hydrometeorological Events: Two Case Studies in Utah, Water Year 2005

Brown, DP.Winter circulation anomalies in the western United States associated with antecedent season and interdecadal ENSO variability, 1948-1998

Gershunov, A; Kanamaru, H; Panorska, A; Cayan, D.Volatility of California Precipitation: Effects of Moisture Supply and Topography in a Mediterranean Climate

Hidalgo, HG; Cayan, DR; Dettinger, MD.Sensitivity of Spring-Summer Drought to Warming in Montane and Arid Regions of The Western US

Jarrett, RD.Paleoflood Hydrology and its Contribution in Interpreting the Effects of Climate Change on the Magnitude of Flooding in Mountain Ecosystems

Lundquist, JD; Ralph, FM; Neiman, PJ; Kingsmill, DE; White, AB; Gottas, DJ.Rainstorms Falling on the Sierra Nevada Snowpack: Comparing Radar Observations with Surface Measurements to Better Understand Flood Potential

Matter, MA; Garcia, LA; Fontane, DG.Coupled Teleconnections and River Dynamics for Enhanced Hydrologic Forecasting in the Upper Colorado River Basin USA

Menounos, B; Gilbert, R; Clague, J; Crookshanks, S; Hodder, K.The Record of Extreme Hydrologic Events in Annually-laminated (Varved) Lake Sediments, Southern Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Canada

Millar, CI; Westfall, RD; Delany, DL.Limber Pine Forest Mortality Event in Response to 1990s Persistent Low Precipitation and High Minimum Temperatures

Miller, NL; Jin, J; Hayhoe, K.An Analysis of Extreme Heat and Energy Demand

Mock, CJ; Birkeland, KW; Shinker, JJ; Bergen, M.Snow Avalanche Climate and Extremes of the Western United States Mountain Ranges

Pepin, N; Losleben, MV; Duane, W.Relationships between Atmospheric Circulation, Mountain Snowpack and Adjacent Lowland Precipitation in the Western U.S.

Reardon, BA; Fagre, DB; Pederson, GT; Caruso, CJ.Climate Influences on Large-Magnitude Natural Snow Avalanches in John F. Stevens Canyon, Montana

Shupe, J; Potter, C; Kramer, M; Genovese, V; Gross, P.Modeling Studies of Climate Impacts and Extreme Events in California Mountain Ecosystems