AGU 2004 Talks and Posters


CIRMOUNT-Sponsored Union [U] Session, Dec 17, 2004:
Climate Challenges to Mountain Water Resources & Ecosystems

Abstracts of all talks and posters presented.


Alfaro, E; Westerling, AL; Cayan, DR. Climate and Wildfire in Mountains of the Western United States

Allen, CD. Sensitivity of Southwestern US Mountain Ecosystems to Climate Variability: Interactions Among Forest Dieback, Fire, and Erosion

Bales, R; Dozier, J; Molotch, N; Painter, T; Rice, R.Mountain Hydrology of the Semi-Arid Western U.S.: Research Needs, Opportunities and Challenges

Comrie, AC; Crimmins, MA.Antecedent Precipitation Trumps Drought in Causing Southeast Arizona Wildfires

Dettinger; M, Cayan; D, Stewart; I, Knowles, N.Climate-Change Uncertainties and Water Supplies from Western Mountains--What are Observations and Models Trying to tell us?

Fountain, AG; Basagic, H; Clark, DH.Glacier Shrinkage and Effects on Alpine Hydrology

Graumlich, LJ; Pederson, GT; Fagre, D; Gray, ST.Mountain Systems, Persistent Drought and the Vulnerability of Ecosystem Services: A Case Study from Glacier National Park, USA

Hicke, JA; Logan, JA; Powell, J; Ojima, DS.Increasing Temperatures in Mountainous Regions of the Western United States and Effects on Insect Outbreaks

Logan, JA.Climate Change Altered Disturbance Regimes in High Elevation Pine Ecosystems

MacDonald, GM; Moser, KA; Porinchu, DF; Bloom, A; Potito, A; Petel, AClimatological, hydrological and vegetation change for the past 15,000 years based upon a new network of high resolution lake sites in the Sierra Nevada and Unita Mountains

Malanson, GP; Zeng, Y; Butler, DR; Resler, LM Advance of Trees and Krummholz Into Alpine Tundra

Millar, CI; Fagre, DB.Integrating Climate and Ecosystem-Response Sciences in Temperate Western North American Mountains: The CIRMOUNT Initiative

Mote, PW; Hamlet, AF; Gedalof, Z.Influences of Climate Trends on Snowpack and Wildfire in the West

Redmond, KT.A High Elevation Climate Monitoring Network: Strategy and Progress

Stephens, SL.Fire Regimes and Forest Structure in the Mountains of Northwestern Mexico and Southern California

Werner, B; McNamara, D; Kelso, A; Ipiktok, T.Emergent Urban-Landscape Interactions in Mountain Catchments


Campbell, DH; Mast, MA; Clow, DW; Ingersoll; Nanus, L.The hydrologic and biogeochemical response of undisturbed mountain ecosystems in the Western United States to multiple stressors: Interactions between climate variability and atmospheric deposition of contaminants

Daly, C; Gibson, WP; Taylor, GH; Doggett, MK.Climate Mapping Challenges in Mountainous Regions

Dennis, A; Millar, CI; Murrell, KE.A New GLORIA Target Region in the Sierra Nevada, California, USA; Alpine Plant Monitoring For Global Climate Change

Eagan, SM; Johnson, C; Hunsaker, CT; Dolanc, C; Lynch, M.Stream Discharge and Sediment Load Variation During Three Dry Years at Kings River Experimental Watershed in the Southern Sierra Nevada in California

Gershunov, A; Cayan, DR.Meteorological Drought in the Mountainous West

Godsey, SE; Kirchner, JW;The relationship between snowpack and seasonal low flows in the Sierra Nevada: climate change and water availability in California

Hartsough, P; Biondi, F.High Elevation Monitoring in the North American Tropics: Ecosystem/Climate Relationships on Nevado de Colima, Mexico

Holzer, K; Fagre, D.The Glacier National Park GLORIA Project: A new US Target Region for Alpine Plant Monitoring Installed in the Northern Rocky Mountains, Montana

Jayko, A; Smiley, JT; Pritchett, D; Dennis, A; Millar, CI; Murrell, K.GLORIA Alpine Plant Monitoring in the White Mountains, Inyo County, California

Jin, J; Miller, NL.Runoff Simulation over the Sierra Nevada Region Using a Coupled Regional Climate Model

Knowles, N; Dettinger, MD; Cayan, DR.Trends in Snowfall Versus Rainfall for the Western United States

Losleben, MV; Pepin, N.Mountain Snowpack, Lowland Winter Precipitation, and Variability in Three Western US Mountain Ranges

Lundquist, JD; Cayan, DR; Dettinger, MD.How the 2004 Onset of Snowmelt and Streamflow Varied with Elevation

Mark, BG; McKenzie, JM; Welch, KA.Impact of Retreating Glaciers in an Intermontane Andean Watershed: Hydrochemical Analysis From the Callejon de Huaylas, Peru

Maurer, EP; Duffy, PB.Uncertainty in Projections of Impacts of Climate Change on Sierra Nevada mountain hydrology in California

Millar, CI; Westfall, RD; King, JC; Delany, DL; Alden, HA.High-Elevation Response of Conifers to Climate Change in the Sierra Nevada and Western Great Basin, USA: Treeline Elevation is Not the Primary Effect

Molotch, NP; Bales, RC.Evaluation of the representativeness of automated snow water equivalent sensors in the Rio Grande headwaters using intensive field observations, remotely sensed snow cover data, and distributed snowmelt models

Rango, A.Competing Interests and Concerns in the Rio Grande Basin: Mountain Hydrology, Desert Ecology, Climate Change, and Population Growth

Schimel, D; Stephens, B; Running, S; Monson, R; Vukicevic, T; Ojima, D.The Airborne Carbon in the Mountains Experiment

Westfall, RD; Millar, CI.Reconstructing a Past Climate Using Current Multi-species' Climate Spaces