GLORIA Publications, Reports, & Resources

GLORIA Field Manual - recently released version
Pauli, H. et al. 2015. The GLORIA Field Manual: Standard Multi-Summit Approach, supplementary methods and extra approaches. Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences and Centre for Global Change and Sustainability, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria. Available online.

GLORIA Field Manual
Pauli, H. et al. 2004 The GLORIA Field Manual: Standard Multi-Summit Approach, supplementary methods and extra approaches. Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences and Centre for Global Change and Sustainability, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria. 143pp.

Draft Update to the 8th Chapter of the GLORIA Field Manual

Report on new Target Region in the Lemhi Mountain, Idaho - 2018
Establishing GLORIA in the Lemhi Mountains, Idaho, for Long-Term Monitoring of Alpine Vegetation
Report prepared for the Caribou-Targhee National Forest and the Salmon-Challis National Forest, Idaho. Michael Mancuso and Rose Lehman

GLORIA Global Network, 2017 Talk
The GLORIA network of alpine biodiversity observatories – achievements, data-based messages and the challenge of long-term operation. Hari Pauli, Andrea Lamprecht, and Manuela Winkler

California/Nevada GLORIA 2017
Safety briefing
Field work orientation
Downslope orientation
Downslope Surveys, Jim Bishop 2016
Re-survey layout process

(2016) Article
Mountain & Desert Thunderstorms Their Formation & Field-Forecasting Guidelines 2nd Edition, Revised August 2016
Jim Bishop

Mountain Views Newsletter (2015) Article
Monitoring White Mountain alpine plants for impacts of climate change; a page from the California GLORIA field notes
Jim Bishop

CNPS Conservation Conference 2015 Talk
Jan 13-17, 2015; San Jose, CA
Elevation, substrate, and climate effects on alpine and sub-alpine plant distribution in California and Nevada's high mountains: preliminary data from the California and Nevada GLORIA project
Adelia Barber, Connie Millar, Jim Bishop, Catie Ann Bishop, Jan Nachlinger, Chris Kopp, Colin Maher, Ann Dennis, and Angela Evenden

Global Fair and Workshop on Mountain Observatories 2014 Talks and Posters
July 16-19, 2014; Reno, NV

Report on new California Target Region in Death Valley
Installation complete for new GLORIA target region
Adelia Barber

Desert Symposium 2014 Talk
April 2014; California State University, Fullerton
Alpine plants as indicators of climate change
Jim Bishop and Catie Bishop

Northern California Botanists Conference 2014 Talks
January 15, 2014; Chico, CA
Session: Alpine Ecosystems of California

International Journal of Climatology (2013) Publication
Estimating winter trends in climatic variables in the Chic-Chocs Mountains, Canada (1970–2009)
Guillaume Fortin and Bernard Hétu

Plant Ecology (2013) Publication
Spatial contexts for temporal variability in alpine vegetation under ongoing climate change
George P. Malanson and Daniel B. Fagre

Conference: Faster, Higher, More? Alpine and Arctic Flora under Climate Change
Sept 22-25, 2013; Kurhaus Bergün, Grisons, Switzerland

Pika Summit 2013 Talk
June 2013; West Glacier, MT
Climate change in mountain ecosystems: a focus on Glacier National Park’s future
Dan Fagre, Lisa McKeon, Erich Peitzsch, Adam Clark, and Kevin Jacks

NorCal Symposium 2013 Poster
Jan 14-15, 2013; Chico, CA
Rare plants and establishing the GLORIA long-term climate change monitoring protocol in the alpine Sweetwater Mountains of Mono County, California
Mark Darrach, Adelia Barber, Elizabeth Bergstrom, and Constance Millar

Montana Native Plants Society 2012 Talk
Glacier National Park GLORIA Project: An Evaluation of the Effects of Climate Change on Alpine Plant Species Composition and Distribution
Lindsey E. Bengtson, Daniel B. Fagre, J. Asebrook, and J. Hintz

MTNCLIM 2012 Talks and Posters
Oct 1-4, 2012; Estes Park, CO

AGU 2012 Poster
Dec 3-7, 2012; San Francisco, CA
Elevation, substrate, & climate effects on alpine & sub-alpine plant distribution in California’s high mountains: Preliminary data from the California GLORIA Project.
Adelia Barber, Connie Millar, Jim Bishop, Catie Bishop, Ann Dennis, and Chris Kopp

North Slope Science Initiative (NSSI) conference 2011 Talk
March 2011; Barrow, AK
Assessing Vegetation and Landscape Changes in Northern Alaska
Torre Jorgenson

Fremontia (2010/2011) Publication
Using alpine flora to measure ecological effects of climate change
Jim Bishop

Rocky Mountain Inventory and Monitoring Network (National Park Service) (2010) Annuals Reports

US Fish and Wildlife Notes (2010) Article
Selewik hosts climate change monitoring project as part of Global Research Network

High County News (2010) Article
Dancing with climate change
J. Madeleine Nash

UNESCO, MRI, IGBP International Conference: Global Change in the World's Mountains 2010 Talks and Posters
Sept 26-30, 2010; Perth, Scotland

AGU 2010 Poster
Dec 13-17, 2010; San Francisco, CA
Fine-scale phenology and nitrogen-fixing microbes at a GLORIA site in Southwestern Montana, USA
M.E. Apple, J.B. Prince, S. Morales, C. Apple, and J.H. Gallagher

NW Science (2009) Publication
Establishing GLORIA long-term alpine monitoring in Southwestern British Columbia, Canada
Kristina Swerhun, Glen Jamieson, Dan J. Smith, and Nancy J. Turner

Smithsonian (2008) Article
Mountain Messangers: Scientists scale peaks and study plants to understand the impact of warming
Anne Sasso

AGU 2008 Posters
Dec 15-19, 2008; San Francisco, CA

Climate, Ecosystems and Resources in Eastern California (CEREC) 2008 Talks
November 5-8, 2008; Bishop, CA

MTNCLIM 2008 Poster
June 9-12, 2008; Silverton, Colorado
A GLORIA long-term monitoring site for detection of climate-induced changes in alpine plant communities in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado, USA
Koren Nydick and Julie Crawford

CIRMOUNT Mountain Views (2007) Article
Monitoring alpine plants for climate change: The North American GLORIA Project
Connie Millar and Dan Fagre

AGU 2007 Poster
Dec 10-14, 2007; San Francisco, CA
Global research initiative in alpine environments: a new GLORIA site in Southwestern Montana
M.E. Apple, T.Y. Pullman, and G.G. Mitman

California Climate Watch (2006) Feature article
Monitoring the globe in California
Laura Edwards

The Benchmark (2006) Note
Mountain Studies Institute researches climate change impacts in fragile alpine ecosystems

Rocky Mountain News (2006) Article
Peak time to track global warming for UC: Researchers install alarm system for alpine ecosystems
Jim Erickson

SFGate (2006) Article
Mono County / Performing high-altitude research on global warming
Carl Hall

Global Change in Mountain Regions (2006) Book chapter
Ordination context of GLORIA sites in Glacier National Park, USA
George Malanson, K. Scott, Z. Shen, Daniel Fagre, and Karen Holzer

Ecological Society of America 2006 Poster
GLORIA in North America, an alpine ecology monitoring network
Karen Holzer, Dan Fagre, and Connie Millar

KNVR Radio Interview 2006
Global change and alpine plants: Interview on GLORIA in California and the North American chapter
Connie Millar

New GLORIA Target Region in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado (2006) Write-up
A Monitoring Program to Determine the Effect of Global Change on Alpine Plant Communities in the San Juan Mountains, SW Colorado
Koren Nydick

Press Release - GLORIA Master Station in the White Mountains, CA
Scientists meet at University of California White Mountain Research Station to create “GLORIA Master Station” in the White Mountains.

Association of American Geographers (AAG) 2005 Talk
April 2005; Denver, CO
Monitoring alpine plants in the crown of the continent ecosystem: The Glacier National Park GLORIA Project
Karen Holzer and Dan Fagre

Announcement of new Sierra Nevada Target Region in the White Mountains
Installation complete for new GLORIA target region
Connie Millar

UNESCO, MRI, IGBP International Conference: Global Change in Mountain Regions 2005
October 2-6, 2005; Perth, Scotland

MTNCLIM 2005 Posters and Notes
March 1-4, 2005; Chico Hot Springs, Pray, MT

AGU 2005 Poster
Dec 5-9, 2005; San Francisco, CA
UC White Mountain Research Station expands GLORIA monitoring in the White Mountains
Daniel W. Pritchett, Ann Dennis, Constance I. Millar, John T. Smiley, Frank L. Powell, and Angela Jayko

Proceedings of International Workshop on Global Change Research in Mountain Biosphere Reserves (2004) Publication
Nov 10-13, 2003; Entlebuch Biosphere Reserve, Switzerland
Glacier National Park, Biosphere Reserve and GLORIA site
Daniel B. Fagre

AGU 2004 Posters
Dec 13-17, 2004; San Francisco, CA

California Native Plant Society, Conservation Conference 2004 Talk
Sept 11, 2004; Walker Creek Ranch, Marin County, CA
The GLORIA Project: CNPS involvement, and implications for conservation strategy
Jim and Catie Bishop

Mono Lake Committee Newsletter (2004) Article
Global observations from Mono’s watershed
Kim Rollins

National USDA Forest Service Accomplishments Booklet – Success Stories (2004) Article
GLORIA in California: consortium for integrated climate research in western mountains.
Connie Millar

Chautauqua Festival 2004 Talk
June 16, 2004; Lee Vining, CA
GLORIA alpine plant monitoring in California
Connie Millar

Mountain Climate Sciences Symposium (MCSS) 2004 Talk
May 25-27, 2004; Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe, CA
The GLORIA multi-summit network: A basic approach for the long-term observation of climate change-induced impacts on alpine biodiversity

New York Times (1994) Article
Warming moves plants up peaks, threatening extinction
Carol Kaesuk-Yoon