Publications and Presentations from the San Juan Mountains (US-SJM) target region

Alpine plant species composition, abundance and ß-diversity along an altitudinal gradient in the San Juan Mountains GLORIA Target Region (Colorado, USA)
Maurizia Gandini, Julie Anne Crawford, Graziano Rossi, and Koren Nydick
Poster presented Sept 2013 at conference, Faster, Higher, More? Alpine and Arctic Flora under Climate Change; Kurhaus Bergün, Grisons, Switzerland

A GLORIA long-term monitoring site for detection of climate-induced changes in alpine plant communities in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado, USA
Koren Nydick and Julie Crawford
Poster presented June 2008 at the MTNCLIM conference; Silverton, CO

A Monitoring Program to Determine the Effect of Global Change on Alpine Plant Communities in the San Juan Mountains, SW Colorado
Koren Nydick

Research and synthesis in the San Juan Mountains, Southwestern Colorado
Koren Nydick, Mark Williams, David Cooper, Rod Chimner, and Kim Raby
Poster presented March 2005 at the MTNCLIM conference; Chico Hot Springs, Pray, MT