Publications and Presentations from the Glacier National Park (US-GNP) target region

Spatial contexts for temporal variability in alpine vegetation under ongoing climate change
George P. Malanson and Daniel B. Fagre. Plant Ecology 2013

Climate change in mountain ecosystems: a focus on Glacier National Parks future
Dan Fagre, Lisa McKeon, Erich Peitzsch, Adam Clark, and Kevin Jacks
Talk presented June 2013 at the Pika Summit; West Glacier, MT

Glacier National Park GLORIA Project: An Evaluation of the Effects of Climate Change on Alpine Plant Species Composition and Distribution
Lindsey E. Bengtson, Daniel B. Fagre, J. Asebrook, and J. Hintz
Talk presented 2012 to the Montana Native Plants Society

Glacier National Park GLORIA sites in a regional context
George P. Malanson and Daniel B. Fagre
Poster presented Oct 2012 at the MTNCLIM conference; Estes Park, CO

Ordination context of GLORIA sites in Glacier National Park, USA
George Malanson, K. Scott, Z. Shen, Daniel Fagre, and Karen Holzer
Global Change in Mountain Regions (2006) Book chapter

Monitoring alpine plants in the crown of the continent ecosystem: The Glacier National Park GLORIA Project
Karen Holzer and Dan Fagre
Talk presented April 2005 to Association of American Geographers (AAG); Denver, CO

Glacier National Park, Biosphere Reserve and GLORIA site
Daniel B. Fagre
Proceedings of International Workshop on Global Change Research in Mountain Biosphere Reserves (2004) Publication

The Glacier National Park GLORIA Project: A new US target region for alpine plant monitoring installed in the Northern Rocky Mountains, Montana
Karen Holzer and Daniel Fagre
Poster presented Dec 2004 at the AGU conference; San Francisco, CA