Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado, USA)

  • Target Region Code: US-RMN (4 summits)
    • Jackstraw North (3520m)
    • Vision Quest (3623m)
    • Pika (3715m)
    • Mount Ida Shoulder (3862m)
  • Established: 2009
  • Re-surveys: 2014
  • Contact(s): Rocky Mtn Network and Inventory
    Kristin Long, kristin_h_long[at]
    Erin Borgman, erin_borgman[at]

Alpine vegetation composition, structure, and soils monitoring for Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain Inventory and Monitoring Network (National Park Service) (2010) Annual Report

Map showing location of US-RMN target region Location of the four summits of US-RMN target region
Photo showing the target region Sampling on the Pika site with Never Summer Mountains in the background
Photo credit: National Park Service