Death Valley National Park (California, USA)

  • Target Region Code: US-DEV (4 summits)
    • Low Site (2890m) (latitude 36.22381962, longitude -117.0854787)
    • Mid Site (2935m) (latitude 36.20040862, longitude -117.0897483)
    • Bennett Peak (3038m) (latitude 36.20659843, longitude -117.093104)
    • Telescope Peak (3343m) (latitude 36.17208931, longitude -117.0889341)
  • Established: 2013
  • Re-surveys: 2018
  • Contact(s):
    Brian Smithers - brian.smithers[at]
    Megan Oldfather, megan.oldfather[at]
    Connie Millar, millarconnie[at]

Publications and presentations from the California and Nevada target regions

Map showing location of target region Location of the four summits of US-DEV target region
Photo showing the target regionInstalling GLORIA sites in Death Valley National Park
Photo credit: National Park Service