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Pacific Southwest Research Station

Pacific Southwest
Research Station

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About Us

Organizational Overview

Conservation of Biodiversity
  • Develop measurable indicators for monitoring changes to biodiversity found in key species and their habitats;
  • Identify which species, populations, individuals, and genes are sensitive to disturbances that could alter biodiversity; and
  • Create and maintain desirable habitat conditions by addressing the needs and vulnerabilities of individual species for restoration purposes.

Ecosystem Function and Health
  • Assess the structure and function of healthy ecosystems, including ecological and physical processes and provisioning of ecosystem goods and services;
  • Examine how biotic and abiotic stressors compromise the functioning of ecosystems through changes to ecological and physical processes; and
  • Develop recommendations and tools for management that sustain, enhance and restore ecosystem function and health.

Fire and Fuels
  • Improve measurement, modeling, and prediction of wildland fire phenomena in complex landscapes and fuels;
  • Determine the ecological effects of fire and fire removal on landscapes throughout California, Hawai'i, and the Pacific Islands;
  • Evaluate the short and long-term outcomes of fuels, fire and post-fire management strategies;
  • Measure and discover the interactions between climate, vegetation, and fire in the face of climate change and improve our understanding and predictability of these interactions in order to manage forests and wildlands more effectively; and
  • Examine risk analysis to assist the evaluation of management options and determine what decision support tools are needed to support science-based decision-making.

Urban Ecosystems and Social Dynamics
  • Examine the relationships among human uses, human values, ecosystem services, and management;
  • Reconnect humans to nature by considering the influence of changing demographics, cultures, urbanization, socio-economics, climate, and technology on use and sustainability of natural resources; and
  • Manage ecosystems to better reflect the desires of the American people by determining the impacts of public policies on ecological and social patterns and processes.