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Pacific Southwest
Research Station

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About Us


The station was founded as the California Forest Experiment Station on July 1, 1926. Accomplishments throughout the corresponding eras below.




  • Persued use of fire for fuel reduction in the West.
  • Inventoried and mapped the vegetation of California.


  • Pioneered work on forest genetics and tree breeding.


  • Developed air tankers and fire retardants for firefighting.
  • Developed the rest-rotation grazing system.


  • Developed and tested alternatives to DDT for forest pest management.
  • Identified ozone as cause of Western forest decline.


  • Developed the Incident Command System for firefighting.
  • Developed electrophoresis (startch gel) genetic methods for forestry use.
  • Greatly increased pine-seed collection and tree-planting survival by designation of seed zones.


  • Provided scientific basis leading to recovery of the California Condor.
  • Investigated ohia decline.
  • Identified atmospheric nitrogen impacts on water quality and western ecosystems.


  • Completed the California Spotted Owl Technical Assessment.
  • Completed the Sacramento Urban Forest Ecosystem Report.
  • Completed the Sierra Nevada Ecoystem Project and a final report published.


  • Developed software for assessing relative merits of alternatives for fighting escaped wildfires.
  • Started research on the cause, impacts, and mitigation of new forest disease -- Sudden Oak Death.