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A temperate rain forest in Washington state.

PNW and PSW have developed the draft Northwest Forest Plan science synthesis, to help provide a scientific foundation for Forest Service land management plans in the northwest.

Image of a publication titled, 'When the well runs dry.'

Learn about our latest research on tree mortality in California, with videos and information on drought, bark beetles, wildfire risks and restoration strategies.

Image of an American Pika perched on a rock.

New research suggests that American pikas can tolerate changes in climate better than expected.

A hoary bat is nestled in a pair of hands wearing leather gloves.

Researchers have documented hoary bats – the most widespread bat species in North America – flying at night using little to no echolocation during their mating season.

A screenshot of the title slide to the YouTube video, The Ohia: The Story of Hawaii's Tree.

The Ohia: The Story of Hawaii's Tree is a video featuring PSW researchers explaining the Ohia tree and the impacts of Rapid Ohia Death.

Science that makes a difference.

The Pacific Southwest Research Station is a world leader in natural resources research through our scientific excellence and responsiveness to the needs of current and future generations.

We represent the research and development branch of the USDA Forest Service in the states of California and Hawaii and the U.S. affiliated Pacific Islands. Our mission is to develop and communicate science needed to sustain forest ecosystems and their benefits to society.

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Faces of Research at Pacific Southwest Research Station
A photo of Shyh-Chin Chen sitting next to a monitor displaying his Firebuster tool that he developed.
Having experienced wildland fire literally on his home’s doorstep, research meteorologist Shyh-Chin Chen has a passion for developing new weather forecasting tools to help firefighters predict and combat fires more effectively. (U.S. Forest Service)

This month, we feature the employees of Pacific Southwest Research Station. Researchers and support staff have shared their deep connection to our mission and the conservation ethic that motivates us to better serve our nation.

Research ecologist Susan Cordell recalls a moment early in her career with the Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry, saying, "I had a colleague who said he had planted more than 1 million trees in his career, and I remember thinking 'Wow! What a great legacy.'"

We are also committed to creating a workplace that attracts and retains top employees while meeting the nation's present and future needs.

"I enjoy working with so many different people from different backgrounds and specialty areas," says Jennifer Jones, a grants and agreements specialist. "Customer service is really important to me, and I love feeling like my work is making a difference for the people I'm helping."

By joining together people with diverse perspectives, we find new solutions to complex management problems to make better management decisions.

[image-text]: Recent Publications
Cover image psw-gtr-257
Passive monitoring techniques for evaluating atmospheric ozone and nitrogen exposure and deposition to California ecosystems

In this report, several alternative approaches for estimating N deposition are also considered as a guide for selecting appropriate techniques in ecosystem-effects studies in California and elsewhere.

Cover image psw-gtr-258
Proceedings of the Coast Redwood Science Symposium—2016: past successes and future direction. Proceedings of a workshop

With its limited range and high value, the coast redwood forest is a microcosm of many of the emerging science and management issues facing today’s forested landscapes.

Cover image psw-gtr-259
OP-Yield Version 1.00 user’s guide

OP-Yield is a Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet with 14 specified user inputs to derive custom yield estimates using the original Oliver and Powers (1978) functions as the foundation. It presents yields for ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa Lawson & C. Lawson) plantations in northern California.

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