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The Lewis and Clark Expedition on National Forests and Grasslands

Their search for an easy portage to the Columbia began as a gentle walk up Lemhi Pass and down to Sacajawea’s homeland in the Lehmi Valley. But it soon turned into a rocky climb over Lost Trail Pass and down into the Bitterroot Valley, and then a race with time through the rugged Bitterroot Mountains. Imagine the disappointment the Corps felt after they topped over Lolo Pass September 13, 1805, descended 3,000 feet back down to the Lochsa River, and found that the actual route lay even higher on the next ridge. The 11 days it took to reach the Nez Perce on the Camas prairie proved to be one of the most difficult of the entire 28-month journey.

Image Caption Top: The Bitterroot Mountains of Montana and Idaho,
Bitterroot National Forest
Image Caption Middle: Moose Photograph by Chuck Bartlebaugh
Image Caption Left: The Sinque Hole on the Lolo Trail,
Clearwater National Forest, Idaho

[graphic] A collection of three images.  The first of a large bull moose, another of the large Bitterroot Mountains of Montana and Idaho on the Bitterroot National Forest and the last image of Sinque Hole on the Lolo Trail, Clearwater National Forest, Idaho.  Sinque Hole is a small pond-like area that is surrounded by green marsh land.

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