Enduring Stories Dynamic Landscapes

The Lewis and Clark Expedition on National Forests and Grasslands

Explore Your National Forests and Grasslands

Rediscover the dynamic landscapes described 200 years ago by Lewis and Clark.
Look with fresh eyes at the roles natural resouces play in sustaining our lives and spirits.

[graphic] A picture of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center.

V isit the Lewis and Clark National
Historic Trail Interpretive Center
4201 Giant Springs Road,
P. O. Box 1806,
Great Falls, MT 59403-1806.
Call (406) 727-8733 or visit our website:

Ranger Stations offer good maps, directions, and information on current travel conditions. Most national forest campgrounds are small with limited services and supplies are often found only in small communities many miles away. Planning in advance for visits to the remote segments of the trail is advised.

Historical and archeological sites are irreplaceable. Federal Law protects them. Any willful damage or collecting of artifacts is punishable by fine or jail time.

Exploring National Forests and Grasslands may involve driving on primitive, single-lane roads. Some may have steep drop-offs or reach elevations that are snow-free only from around June until October. Inquire locally if there are any restrictions and always drive carefully.

[graphic] A image of three logos; one for the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, one for Explore US and finally the Forest Service badge.

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