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Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Center

Jerry Beatty, Center Director
3160 NE Third St, PO Box 490
Prineville, OR 97754
Phone: (541) 416-6500
FAX: (541) 416-6695

The mission of the Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Center is to generate and integrate knowledge and information to provide credible prediction, early detection, and quantitative assessment of environmental threats in the western United States (For more information, visit our Center Charter)


The goal of the Center is to support effective policy for and management of potential and existing Fabio Stergule.environmental threats to western wildlands with the desired outcomes of:

arrow Reduced likelihood of severe disturbances through better informed management strategies;
arrow Amelioration of the effects of disturbances on the multiple values associated with forests and rangelands;
arrow Improved efficiency and access to information through a centralized source;
arrow Improved tracking of changes in hazard, risk, and consequences of disturbances over time and space; and
arrow Funding strategies and prioritization based on better informed management decisions.


The objectives of Center efforts are to:

arrow Evaluate the effects and consequences of multiple interacting stresses on western wildland health;

arrow Increase knowledge and understanding of the risks, uncertainties, and/or benefits of multiple environmental stresses on western ecological conditions and socioeconomic values;

arrow Provide science-based decision support tools for policy formulation and land management in the western United States; and

arrow Provide land managers with credible predictions of potential severe disturbance in the west with sufficient warning to take preventative actions.

About Us

Fire.The Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Center, and its counterpart, the Eastern Forest Threat Assessment Center located in Asheville, NC, are a new effort established as a collaboration between the National Forest System, State & Private Forestry, and Forest Service Research and Development. We will develop and use innovative methods in remote sensing, computer modeling, and landscape analysis to provide an early warning of major and undesirable disturbances in forests and rangelands of the western United States. We focus on the effects of interacting stresses, including drought, disease, insects, and fire, in the context of current and future land use and management.





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