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The Ecologically Sustainable Production of Forest Resources (ESP) team is an interdisciplinary group of 8 researchers and support staff who conduct research on the technical characteristics of forest products and the analysis, design and implementation of forest management activities. As a team within the Human and Natural Resources Interaction Program, we consider the costs associated with implementing treatments as well as the potential revenue derived from the removal of forest products. We are interested in a wide range of benefits and costs associated with forest management, some of which are related to traditional forest products, others are associated with non-market values that people desire from the forest. We conduct analysis of how different types of management activities, including wildland fuel prescriptions, may alter forest structure in the western United States and what this means in terms of sustaining different ecological, economic and social functions through time.



Joint Fire Science Projects


Text Box: In-Woods Decision Making of Utilization Opportunities to Lower Costs of Fire Hazard Reduction Treatments by Eini Lowell, Robert Rummer, Debra Larson and Dennis Becker

Assessing the Need, Costs, and Potential Benefits of Prescribed Fire and Mechanical Treatments to Reduce Fire Hazard in Montana and New Mexico (Full Adobe Document) by R. James Barbour, Roger D. Fight, Glenn Christensen, Guy L. Pinjuv,  and Venkatarao Nagubadi.  (721k in pdf) Executive Summary.

Summary Report of The Effects of Fire on Recreation Demand in New Mexico (Full Adobe Document) by Hayley Hesseln, and Susan J. Alexander, (46K in pdf).

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