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Ever Wonder How Trees Grow?

Have you ever wondered how trees grow? The answer might surprise you. In this video, you’ll learn how trees change on a daily basis while growing larger over time. You’ll also get to see how fast a real Douglas-fir tree grew over 2 weeks in the summer.


Even Fish Need Oxygen: A Salmon Story Video.

Even Fish Need Oxygen: A Salmon Story


Fire Restoration and Recovery in Pacific Northwest

Forest Service Team Leader Morgan Varner discussess Fire and restoration and recovery in the Pacific Northwest.


Stream temperature variability - Ashley Steel

Growth and survival of fish in streams is regulated in large part by water temperature. When the water is warm, the fish’s metabolic rates speed up; when the water is cool, the fish’s metabolism slows down. These changes affect how much the fish needs to eat, how quickly it can grow, and how fast it might transition from one lifestage to another, say, from egg to alevin to free-swimming fry.


Healthy Trees...Healthy People

The relationship between trees and human health.


Forest Inside Out

Four minute video featuring the Forests Inside Out program. A joint program with World Forestry Center and the Forest Service's Pacific Northwest Research Station. Video features the World Forestry Center in Portland and waterfalls at the Columbia River Gorge.


Trends in Stream Nitrogen Concentrations

Video featuring scientific data trends in stream nitrogen concentrations for forested reference catchments across the USA.



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