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Pacific Northwest Research Station
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Science Management Forum: A Connection to Land Management & Community Planning

PNW Planning Support Contact: Becky Gravenmier,, 503-808-2851



Ponderosa pine forest after prescribe burn.The Pacific Northwest Research Station (PNW) is committed to ensuring that new science knowledge is readily available to the land management agencies for priority decision-making, planning and analysis. Currently, the PNW Station Director's Office (SDO) is working with Forest Service (FS) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) managers to provide science support to regional planning efforts. R&D typically provides four types of services to planning activities:

1. Development of new science products (e.g. GTRs, tools)
2. Synthesis of existing science (e.g. publications, white papers)
3. Advisory science consultations on existing science
4. Science review of planning products

We are also working with FS land managers to provide new science information and models for the planning and implementation of fuel treatments in forests of the Pacific Northwest to meet goals and objectives of the National Fire Plan. New science knowledge and tools will promote more efficient planning, placement and implementation of hazardous fuel reduction treatments and provide models for predicting vegetation response to fuels management over time.



Station scientists and resource professionals work to enhance the use of scientific knowledge in natural resource management. The SDO's efforts to support planning activities expands the Station's capability to meet clients' specific needs for science information, models, data, and tools relevant to regional and local planning efforts, and provides for consistency between responses to agencies.



PNW will support FS and BLM planning efforts by:

bullet.Providing access to readily available resources from the Station (e.g., data, models, synthesis, reports, and
bullet.Meeting regularly with FS and BLM regional planning groups to coordinate science needs.
bullet.Facilitating identification and documentation of new research needs of land managers.
bullet.Coordinating advisory science consultations and science reviews to support planning efforts.
bullet.Coordinating the development of science products and syntheses to address priority regional planning questions.
bullet.Encouraging Station scientists to develop studies and products to address critical research needs of management.
bullet.Sharing information and documenting technical assistance and information provided for planning efforts.
bullet.Providing scientifically sound new knowledge to land managers and the public as they help to shape policy decisions.


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