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Farm field at duskA primary focus of the Resource Monitoring and Assessment program research is to improve monitoring techniques and develop new applications for the Forest Inventory and Analysis Program.

For example, we are working to expand forest health metrics using indicator species, improve estimates of canopy cover and biomass from standard inventory measurements.

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  • Improving variance estimators

    We are working to improve variance estimators with alternative methods of incorporating remote sensing.

  • Forest health metrics

    This project entails improving forest health metrics with a national vegetation diversity indicator and national lichen community indicator.

  • Canopy cover estimates

    We are working to improve estimates of tree canopy cover from standard inventory measurements.

  • Equation development

    PNW-RMA researchers and statisticians are continually working to improve monitoring techniques and improves estimates of forest attributes such as canopy cover and biomass.

  • Development of analytical and visualization software tools to manipulate and process data from large-area lidar acquisitions to produce information useful for resource analyses.

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