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Employee Directory


Name Email Position Phone Lab Name
Nicholas, Gretchen email iconProgram Manager503-808-2026Program Manager and Assistant
Donnegan, Joseph email iconDeputy Program Manager503-808-2053Program Manager and Assistant
Huddleston, Kyle email iconProgram Specialist503-808-2068Program Manager and Assistant
Hellman, Kurt email iconProgram Analyst503-808-2000Program Manager and Assistant
Erik-Andersen, Hans email iconTeam Leader206-221-9034 Remote Sensing
Reutebuch, Steve email iconResearch Forester 206-543-4710 Remote Sensing
Cohen, Warren email iconResearch Forester 541-750-7322 Remote Sensing
McGaughey, Bob email iconResearch Forester 206-543-4713 Remote Sensing
Winterberger, Kenneth email iconForester907-743-9419 Remote Sensing
Gatziolis, Demetris email iconResearch Forester503-808-2038 Remote Sensing
Bell, David email iconResearch Forester541-750-7298 Remote Sensing
Hubbard, Connie email iconTeam Leader907-743-9541Anchorage Data Collection
Irvine, Daniel email iconCoastal Alaska Coordinator907-748-2096Anchorage Data Collection
Vacant, email iconAK Coastal Assistant907-743-94XXAnchorage Data Collection
Moy, Marshell email iconQA Lead907-743-9423Anchorage Data Collection
Ausman, Mike email iconBiological Scientist, Crew Leader907-743-94XXAnchorage Data Collection
Childe, Warren email iconBiological Scientist, Crew Leader907-743-9407Anchorage Data Collection
Gerdes, Michelle email iconBiological Scientist, Crew Leader907-743-94XXAnchorage Data Collection
Durfee, Dan email iconBiological Scientist, Crew Leader907-743-9409Anchorage Data Collection
Ayotte, Seth email iconEcologist, QA 907-743-9429Anchorage Data Collection
O'Driscoll, Matt email iconBiological Scientist, Crew Leader907-743-9402Anchorage Data Collection
Rigsby, Katie email iconBiological Scientist, Crew Leader907-743-9450Anchorage Data Collection
Izlar, Deborah email iconEcologist, Crew Leader907-743-9445Anchorage Data Collection
Oukrop, Chad email iconEcologist, Crew Leader907-743-9412Anchorage Data Collection
Lehman, Ashley email iconPacific Islands Coordinator907-743-9415Anchorage Data Collection
Vacant, email iconGear/Fleet/Safety Support907-743-94XXAnchorage Data Collection
Thies, Kara email iconForestry Technician907-743-9427Anchorage Data Collection
Straley, Eric email iconForester, Crew Leader907-743-9403Anchorage Data Collection
Hansen, Michelle email iconEcologist, Crew Leader907-743-9404Anchorage Data Collection
Yatskov, Misha email iconForester, QA 907-743-9428Anchorage Data Collection
Gray, Andrew email iconTeam Leader, Research Ecologist541-750-7252Vegetation Monitoring Science and Applications
Fried, Jeremy email iconResearch Forester503-808-2058Vegetation Monitoring Science and Applications
Mills, John email iconResearch Forester503-808-2076Vegetation Monitoring Science and Applications
Jovan, Sarah email iconResearch Ecologist, Lichen Indicator Advisor503-808-2070Vegetation Monitoring Science and Applications
Monleon, Vicente email iconMathematical Statistician503-808-2044Vegetation Monitoring Science and Applications
Pattison, Robert email iconResearch Ecologist907-743-9414Vegetation Monitoring Science and Applications
Schulz, Beth email iconResearch Ecologist, Vegetation Indicator Advisor907-743-9424Vegetation Monitoring Science and Applications
Nigg, Donavon email iconTeam Leader503-808-2012Information Management
Campbell, Kurt email iconInformation Technical Specialist503-808-2077Information Management
Jacobs, Douglas email iconInformation Technical Specialist503-808-2096Information Management
Potts, Larry email iconInformation Technical Specialist503-808-2079Information Management
Reid, Jane email iconInformation Technical Specialist907-743-9411Information Management
Thompson, Thomas email iconData Services Specialist907-743-9401Information Management
Veneklase, Charles email iconInformation Technical Specialist503-808-2045Information Management
Wanek, Ron email iconInformation Technical Specialist503-808-2048Information Management
Christensen, Glenn email iconForester503-808-2064Inventory Reporting and Mapping
Chase, John email iconGIS/Remote Sensing Specialist503-808-2089Inventory Reporting and Mapping
Kuegler, Olaf email iconMathematical Statistician503-808-2028Inventory Reporting and Mapping
Stanton, Sharon email iconNatural Resources Specialist503-808-2019Inventory Reporting and Mapping
Thompson, Joel email iconForestry Technician503-808-2041Inventory Reporting and Mapping
Vacant, email iconProgram Assistant503-808-2049Portland Data Collection
Jesswein, Amy email iconGear/Fleet/Safety Support503-808-3129Portland Data Collection
Patterson, Melissa email iconEcologist503-808-2073Portland Data Collection
Holgerson, Justin email iconState Coordinator, Washington503-808-3131Portland Data Collection
McGinley, Thomas email iconBiological Scientist, Crew Leader (Sedro-Woolley, WA) 360-854-2648Portland Data Collection
Malcomb, Nathan email iconForestry Technician (Sedro-Woolley,WA) 360-854-2648Portland Data Collection
Burkhart, Glenn email iconEcologist, Crew Leader (Cle Elum, WA)509-852-1052Portland Data Collection
Daniels, Sam email iconForestry Technician (Cle Elum, WA)503-539-7018Portland Data Collection
Gasper, Brian email iconBiological Scientist, Crew Leader (Twisp, WA)206-923-8641Portland Data Collection
Cottam, Sara email iconForestry Technician (Twisp, WA)206-923-8641Portland Data Collection
Digranes, Joseph email iconForester, Crew Leader (Olympia, WA)360-956-2485Portland Data Collection
Andrick, Mary email iconForestry Technician (Olympia, WA)360-956-2485Portland Data Collection
Butler, Sarah email iconEcologist, Crew Leader (Portland, OR)503-808-2083Portland Data Collection
Hayden, Heather email iconForestry Technician (Portland, OR)503-808-3142Portland Data Collection
Randolph, Karen email iconForestry Technician503-808-3233Portland Data Collection
Terzibashian, Jane email iconState Coordinator, Oregon 503-808-3127Portland Data Collection
Ferrante, Matt email iconBiological Scientist, Crew Leader (Portland, OR)503-808-2097Portland Data Collection
Scott, Steven email iconForestry Technician (Portland, OR)406-546-7296Portland Data Collection
Hoff, Andy email iconEcologist, Crew Leader (La Grande, OR)541-962-6548Portland Data Collection
Johnson, Hannah email iconEcologist, Crew Leader (La Grande, OR)541-962-6537Portland Data Collection
Gasser, Mark email iconBiological Scientist, Crew Leader (Eugene, OR)541-225-6384Portland Data Collection
Griffin, Michael email iconForestry Technician (Eugene, OR)541-225-6384Portland Data Collection
Cossey, Janelle email iconForestry Technician (Grants Pass, OR)541-471-6704Portland Data Collection
Carson, Jennifer email iconBiological Scientist, Crew Leader (Bend, OR)503-704-0137Portland Data Collection
Biasotti, Victor email iconForestry Technician (Klamath Falls, OR)209-375-6520Portland Data Collection
Meston, Collin email iconBiological Scientist, Crew Leader (Klamath Falls, OR)541-883-6778Portland Data Collection
Dunn, Summer email iconTeam Leader503-808-2071Portland Data Collection
Palmer, Marin email iconState Coordinator, California 530-925-2093Portland Data Collection
Dean, Gerad email iconBiological Scientist, QA/QC503-539-8858Portland Data Collection
Affleck, Nick email iconForestry Technician (Chico, CA)503-704-9031Portland Data Collection
Fain, Mark email iconBiological Scientist, Crew Leader (Nevada City, CA)916-201-3225Portland Data Collection
Feinberg, Josh email iconEcologist, Crew Leader (Mammoth Lakes, CA)503-329-4253Portland Data Collection
Brown, Matt email iconBiological Scientist, Crew Leader (Grants Pass, OR)541-471-6738Portland Data Collection
Lewis, Esther email iconForestry Technician (Escondido, CA)858-673-6180--ext--3044Portland Data Collection
Foss, Walter email iconForester, Crew Leader (Fresno, CA)559-323-3215Portland Data Collection
Hernandez, David email iconForestry Technician (Fresno, CA)559-323-3215Portland Data Collection
Herman, Lucas email iconForestry Technician (Redding, CA)530-226-2546Portland Data Collection
Rash, Scott email iconQA/QC Coordinator503-808-2081Portland Data Collection
Carson, Johnny email iconBiological Scientist, QA/QC503-704-9747Portland Data Collection
Coles, Dan email iconForester, QA/QC503-808-2078Portland Data Collection
Deans, Jessica email iconEcologist, QA/QC503-808-3229Portland Data Collection
Lewis, Brian email iconEcologist, QA/QC916-201-4076Portland Data Collection