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»Science Synthesis Literature Database for the Northwest Forest Plan Area

This Science Synthesis Literature Database contains a list of all publications suggested to date for consideration in the synthesis (more references are being added as the synthesis progresses). The science synthesis will consider currently available peer-reviewed science that is published by a reputable scientific or professional journal or through an agency-sponsored peer-review process that meets the general criteria for competent and credible peer review.  University theses, government reports, symposium proceedings etc. may be considered if certain topics are not adequately covered in peer reviewed literature.



Click here to open the literature database in a new window



Literature Database Help

If the database is not showing on the page

You will need to change your settings in Internet Explorer:

  1. click on the gear icon in the upper right
  2. choose Internet Options
  3. click on the Privacy tab
  4. drag the disc on the vertical slider bar down to Low
  5. click OK
  6. Press your F5 button to reload the page

If you are having problems submitting a publication

Such as a difficult set of pictures in the confirmation section, see the fixes listed here <open in new window>

If you're unable to resolve the problem, please contact


Leftside of database window

  • Publications List: the full list is presented as the default starting page and you can return to the full list via this link on the left
  • Suggest a Publication: provides a process for suggesting additional publications for consideration by chapter topics
  • The area below these buttons contains various methods to search and filter the publications list. A full-text search box is at the top, and below you can filter by various categories by checking the appropriate boxes and clicking the Filter button.
  • To cancel the filter, click on the Select All button

Rightside of database window

  • Contains the publications list. Columns can be sorted by clicking on the column header.
  • Publication Columns include:
  • Origin: Literature has been drawn from a number of sources, including the TACCIMO climate change database, the NWFP 10-year synthesis chapters, the NWFP 20-year monitoring reports, and suggestions from the public.
  • Considered: Indicates whether the chapter authors intend to consider (but not necessarily cite) the publication as part of the synthesis. They will generally only be considering peer-reviewed scientific literature, and if a publication does not meet this requirement it will be flagged with a 'No' in this column. Pubs marked 'Pending' have not yet been reviewed for consideration.
  • Details: Additional details on the publication can be seen by clicking View in this column.
  • Google Scholar Search: We are not providing the full text of these documents in this database for copyright and logistical reasons, but a click in this column will run a Google Scholar search on the document, which should indicate any available sources for the full text.

Top Buttons

  • Advanced Search: Enables searching by more specific fields
  • Export Selected: Exports only those publications manually checked in the first column of the publications list
  • Export All Results: Exports all results given the filters applied in the left-hand column
  • Print: Prints the currently selected or filtered publication list, with an option to print all information from the Details view

Login Button (below publications list)

  • Primarily for the Synthesis administrators and authors, but you may create an account that will then associate your user name with your submissions (however this is not required)



The literature database is a collaborative effort of:


Forest Service  

Pacific Southwest Research Station


Pacific Northwest Research Station


Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Asssessment Center

Western Wildland Environmental Threat Asssessment Center

  Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options (TACCIMO)

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