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»Synthesis of Science to Inform Land Management Within the Northwest Forest Plan Area (DRAFT)

Chapter 1: Introduction
Peter A. Stine and Thomas A. Spies


Chapter 2: Climate, Disturbance, and Vulnerability to Vegetation Change in the Northwest Forest Plan Area
Matthew J. Reilly, Thomas A. Spies, Jeremy Littell, Ramona Butz, and John Kim


Chapter 3: Old Growth, Disturbance, Forest Succession, and Management in the Area of the Northwest Forest Plan
Thomas A. Spies, Paul Hessburg, Carl Skinner, Klaus Puettmann, Matt Reilly, Raymond J. Davis, Jane Kertis, and Jonathan Long


Chapter 4: Northern Spotted Owl
Damon B. Lesmeister, Raymond J. Davis, Peter H. Singleton, and J. David Wiens


Chapter 5: Marbled Murrelet
Martin G. Raphael, Gary A. Falxa, and Alan E. Burger


Chapter 6: Other Species and Biodiversity of Older Forests
Bruce G. Marcot, Karen L. Pope, Keith Slauson, Hartwell H. Welsh, Clara A. Wheeler, and Matthew J. Reilly


Chapter 7: The Aquatic Conservation Strategy of the Northwest Forest Plan—A Review of the Relevant Science After 22 Years
Gordon H. Reeves, Deanna H. Olson, Steven M. Wondzell, Stephanie A. Miller, Jonathan W. Long, Peter A. Bisson, and Michael J. Furniss 


Chapter 8: Socioeconomic Well-Being and Forest Management in the Northwest Forest Plan Area Communities
Susan Charnley, Jesse Abrams, Jeffrey Kline, Eric M. White, Rebecca J. McLain, Cassandra Moseley, and Heidi Huber-Stearns


Chapter 9: Understanding Our Changing Public Values, Resource Uses and Engagement Practices
Lee K. Cerveny, Emily Jane Davis, Rebecca McLain, Clare M. Ryan, Debra R. Whitall, and Eric White


Chapter 10: Environmental Justice, Low Income and Minority Populations, and Forest Management in the Northwest Forest Plan Area
Susan Charnley, Elisabeth Grinspoon, Heidi Huber-Stearns, Eric White, Delilah Jaworski, and Lee Cerveny


Chapter 11: Tribal Ecocultural Resources and Engagement    
Jonathan Long, Frank K. Lake, Kathy Lynn, and Carson Viles


Chapter 12: Science that Underlies the Northwest Forest Plan
Thomas A. Spies, Jonathan W. Long, Peter Stine, Susan Charnley Lee Cerveny Martin G. Raphael, Bruce G. Marcot, Paul F. Hessburg, Matthew J. Reilly, Raymond J. Davis, Damon Lesmeister, and Gordon Reeves




Entire document (DRAFT) (pdf - 52 MB)



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