The Pacific Northwest Research Station produces 40-50 Station publications per year. They are easily confused with publications by other Forest Service Research Stations, Regions (e.g., PNW Region, Region 6), and other Federal agencies. A complete list of currently available PNW publications is at:

    To order publications by phone

If you know the book number (e.g., GTR-481), the distribution number (e.g., 99-055), or the complete title, call (503) 808-2138 to order.

If you do not have complete information about the publication, call (503) 808-2127

    To order publications by mail

You can send a publication request to: 

PNW Publications

Portland Habilitation Center

5312 NE 148th Avenue

Portland, OR 97230


Please include as much information as you can. 

    To order publications by email

Send an email to Diane Smith at

Please include as much information as you can



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July 11, 2000