From the Forest to the Sea: A Story of Fallen Trees
General Technical Report PNW-GTR-229

This scanned document has been divided into seven parts because of its large size.


Introduction (5.9Mb)

Chapter 1: Coarse woody debris in forests and plantations of coastal Oregon by Thomas A. Spies and Steven P. Cline (4.4Mb)

Chapter 2: What we know about large trees that fall to the forest floor by Chris Maser, Steven P. Cline, Kermit Cromack, Jr., James M. Trappe, and Everett Hansen (4.3Mb)
Chapter 3: What we know about large trees that fall into streams and rivers by James R. Sedell, Peter A. Bisson, Frederick J. Swanson, and Stanley V. Gregory (5.3Mb)
Chapter 4: What we know about large trees in estuaries, in the sea, and on coastal beaches by Jefferson J. Gonor, James R. Sedell, and Patricia A. Benner (4.7Mb)
Chapter 5: Looking ahead: some options for public lands by Jerry F. Franklin and Chris Maser (2.1Mb)
References (100k)
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