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Research Papers: Prior to 1997

Image]: Cover of publication entitled Landscape Permeability for Large Carnivores in Washington: A Geographic Information System Weighted-Distance and Least-Cost Corridor Assessment.Research papers (RPs) provide results, analyses, conclusions of formal studies.


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RP-501 95-066 Dispersal of the spruce beetle Dendroctonus rufipennis and the engraver beetle Ips perturbatus in Alaska, by R.A. Werner and E.H. Holsten.


RP-497 96-081 (1996) Tailed frogs: distribution, ecology, and association with timber harvest in northeastern Oregon, by E.L. Bull and B.E. Carter


RP-496 95-188 (1996) Influence of riparian canopy on macroinvertebrate composition and food habits of juvenile salmonids in several Oregon streams, by W.R. Meehan  [Abstract]


RP-495 95-234 (1996) The forest and agricultural sector optimization model (FASOM): structure and policy applications, by D.M. Adams, R.J. Alig, J.M. Callaway, B.A. McCarl, and S.M. Winnett [Abstract]


RP-494 95-160 (1996) Soil compaction and organic matter affect conifer seedling non-mycorrhizal and ectomycorrhizal root tip abundance and diversity, by M.P. Amaranthus, D. Page-Dumroese, A. Harvey, E. Cazares, and L.F. Bednar


RP-493 95-054 (1996) The Pacific Northwest Region vegetation and inventory monitoring system, by T.A. Max, H.T. Schreuder, J.W. Hazard, D.D. Oswald, J. Teply, and J. Alegria  [Abstract]


RP-492 94-089 (1996) Instar discrimination of field-collected larvae through analysis of frequency distribution curves of head capsule widths using the program PEAKFIT, by F.H. Schmidt


RP-491 95-176 (1996) Old growth in northwestern California national forests, by D. Beardsley and R. Warbington


RP-490 94-149 (1996) Ammonium nitrate urea and biuret fertilizers increase volume growth of 57-year-old Douglas-fir trees within a gradient of nitrogen deficiency by R.E. Miller, D.L. Reukema, and J.W. Hazard


RP-488 95-078 (1996) Levels-of-growing stock cooperative study in Douglas-fir: report no. 13--the Francis study: 1963-90, by G.E. Hoyer, N.A. Andersen, and D. Marshall


RP-487 95-086 (1996) Initial and continued effects of a release spray in a coastal Oregon Douglas-fir plantation, by R.E. Miller and E.L. Obermeyer


RP-486 95-069 (1995) Smoke emissions from prescribed burning of southern California chaparral, by C.C. Hardy, S.G. Conrad, J.C. Regelbrugge, and D.R. Teesdale


RP-485 95-018 (1995) Extended rotations and culmination age of coast Douglas-fir: old studies speak to current issues, by R.O. Curtis (1.28 MB) [Abstract]


RP-484 94-200 (1995) Historical patterns of western spruce budworm and Douglas-fir tussock moth outbreaks in the northern Blue Mountains of Oregon since AD 1700, by T.W. Swetman, B.E. Wickman, H.G. Paul, and C.H. Baisin


RP-482 94-169 (1995) Stand characteristics of 65-year-old planted and naturally regenerated stands near Sequim, Washington, by R.E. Miller and H.W. Anderson


RP-481 94-048 (1995) Biomass and nutrient distributions in central Oregon second-growth ponderosa pine ecosystems, by S.N. Little and L.J. Shainsky


RP-479 94-142 (1994) Using expert opinion to evaluate a habitat effectiveness model for elk in western Oregon and Washington, by R.S. Holthausen, M.J. Wisdom, J. Pierce, D.K. Edwards, and M.M. Rowland


RP-478 94-018 (1995) Hardwood supply in the Pacific Northwest: a policy perspective by R.L. Raettig, K.P. Connaughton, and G.R. Ahrens


RP-477 93-190 (1994) Plant biomass in the Tanana River basin, Alaska, by B.R. Mead


RP-476 93-222 (1994) The "great" price spike of 1993: an analysis of lumber and stumpage prices in the Pacific Northwest, by B.L. Sohngen and R.W. Haynes


RP-475 93-223 (1994) Levels-of-growing stock cooperative study in Douglas-fir: report no. 12-the Iron Creek study: 1966-89 by R.O. Curtis and G.W. Clenenden


RP-474 94-040 (1994) In vitro colony interactions among species of Trichoderma with inference toward biological controls, by J.L. Reaves and R.H. Crawford


RP-467 93-072 (1993) Product recovery of ponderosa pine in Arizona and New Mexico, by T.D. Fahey and J.K. Ayer Sachet


RP-466 93-006 (1993) Effectiveness of polyethylene sheeting in controlling spruce beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) in infested stacks of spruce firewood in Alaska, by E.H. Holsten and R.A. Werner


RP-465 93-005 (1993) Response of the engraver beetle, Ips pertubatus, to semiochemicals in white spruce stands of interior Alaska, by R.A. Werner


RP-464 93-013 (1993) Ecological impacts resulting from the use of chloropicrin to control laminated root rot in Northwest conifer forests: growth and mycorrhizae, by M.A. Castellano, D. McKay, and W.G. Thies


RP-463 90-234 (1993) Population dynamics of the major North American needle-eating budworms, by R.W. Campbell


RP-461 92-227 (1993) Genetic variation and seed zones of Douglas-fir in the Siskiyou National Forest, by R.K. Campbell and A.I. Sugano


RP-460 92-202 (1993) Forecasting outbreaks of the Douglas-fir tussock moth from lower crown cocoon samples, by R.R. Mason, D.W. Scott, and H.G. Paul


RP-457 90-024 (1992) British Columbia log export: historical review and analysis, by G.W. Shinn


RP-449 91-178 (1992) Financial analysis of pruning ponderosa pine, by R.D. Fight, N.A. Bolon, and J. Cahill


RP-443 91-041 (1992) Dispersal of white spruce seed on willow in interior Alaska, by A. Youngblood and T.A. Max


RP-442 91-052 (1992) Levels-of-growing stock cooperative study in Douglas-fir: report no. 11-Stampede Creek: a 20-year progress report, by R.O. Curtis


RP-440 (1992) Wildlife habitats of the north coast of California: new techniques for extensive forest inventory, by Janet L. Ohmann [Abstract] (1.06 MB) Available in electronic format only


RP-439 90-124 (1991) Veneer recovery of Douglas-fir from the Coast and Cascade Ranges of Oregon and Washington, by T.D. Fahey and S. Willits


RP-438 90-094 (1991) Sugar pine utilization: a 30-year transition, by S. Willits and T.D. Fahey


RP-437 90-203 (1991) Lumber and veneer recovery from intensively managed young-growth Douglas-fir, by T.D. Fahey, J.M. Cahill, T.A. Snellgrove, and L.S. Heath


RP-436 90-062 (1991) Monthly stumpage prices, Pacific Northwest, by R.W. Haynes


RP-435 89-015 (1991) National forest timber supply and stumpage markets in the western United States, by D.M. Adams and R.W. Haynes


RP-423 89-114 (1990) Height growth and site index curves for western white pine in the Washington-Oregon Cascades, by R.O. Curtis, N.M. Diaz, and G.W. Clendenen


RP-422 89-079 (1990) Tradeoffs and interdependence in the Alaska cant and log markets, by D. Flora, U. Woller, and M. Neergaard


RP-420 89-101 (1990) Statistical estimators for monitoring spotted owls in Oregon and Washington in 1987, by T.A. Max, R.A. Souter, and K.A. O'Halloran


RP-405 (1989) Logging residue in southeast Alaska, by J. O. Howard, and T. S. Setzer. (2.16 MB) [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


RP-401 (1988) Twig and foliar biomass estimation equations for major plant species in the Tanana River Basin of interior Alaska, by J. Yarie, B.R. Mead [Abstract] (2.29 MB) Available in electronic format only.


RP-358 (1985) Height growth and site index curves for red alder, by Constance A. Harrington, Robert O. Curtis (213 Kb) [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


RP-298 (1982) Aboveground tree biomass on productive forest land in Alaska, by J. Yarie, and D.R. Mead [Abstract] (960 Kb) Available in electronic format only.


RP-266 (1980) Competition for national forest timber in the Northern, Pacific Southwest, and Pacific Northwest regions, by Richard W. Haynes (3.7 MB) [Abstract]


RP-253 (1979) Fifty-year development of Douglas-fir stands planted at
various spacings, Donald L. Reukema (1.59 MB) [Abstract]


RP-252 (1979)Site index and height growth curves for managed, even-aged stands of white or grand fir east of the Cascades in Oregon and Washington, by P. H. Cochran, (612 KB) [Abstract]


RP-251 (1979)Site index and height growth curves for managed, even-aged stands of Douglas-fir east of the Cascades in Oregon and Washington, by P. H. Cochran, (600 KB) [Abstract]


RP-232 (1978)Height growth and site index curves for managed even-aged stands of ponderosa pine in the Pacific Northwest, by James Barrett, (730 KB) [Abstract]


RP-150 (1972) Photo stratification improves Northwest timber volume estimates, by C.D. MacLean [Abstract] (671 Kb) Available in electronic format only.




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