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Our scientists publish in journals, books, and other media as well as presenting papers at scientific meetings. A listing of these publications, as well as those published by the Station, is distributed four times a year.


1st Quarter (January March) 2018



Climate Change


Cleland, David; Reynolds, Keith; Vaughan, Robert; Schrader, Barbara; Li, Harbin; Laing, Larry 2017. Terrestrial condition assessment for national forests of the USDA Forest Service in the continental US. Sustainability. 9(12): 2144-.


Cornejo-Oviedo, Eladio H.; Voelker, Steven L.; Mainwaring, Douglas B.; Maguire, Douglas A.; Meinzer, Frederick C.; Brooks, J. Renée 2017. Basal area growth, carbon isotope discrimination, and intrinsic water use efficiency after fertilization of Douglas-fir in the Oregon Coast Range. Forest Ecology and Management. 389: 285-295.


Danner, Allison G.; Safeeq, Mohammad; Grant, Gordon E.; Wickham, Charlotte; Tullos, Desirée; Santelmann, Mary V. 2017. Scenario-based and scenario-neutral assessment of climate change impacts on operational performance of a multipurpose reservoir. JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association. 53(6): 1467-1482.


Duarte, Henrique F.; Raczka, Brett M.; Ricciuto, Daniel M.; Lin, John C.; Koven, Charles D.; Thornton, Peter E.; Bowling, David R.; Lai, Chun-Ta; Bible, Kenneth J.; Ehleringer, James R. 2017. Evaluating the Community Land Model (CLM4.5) at a coniferous forest site in northwestern United States using flux and carbon-isotope measurements. Biogeosciences. 14(18): 4315-4340.


Halofsky, Joshua S.; Donato, Daniel C.; Franklin, Jerry F.; Halofsky, Jessica E.; Peterson, David L.; Harvey, Brian J. 2018. The nature of the beast: examining climate adaptation options in forests with stand-replacing fire regimes. Ecosphere. 9(3): e02140.


Nicholls, David; Wright, Zackery; Huang, Daisy. 2018.  Wood and coal cofiring in Alaska—operational considerations and combustion gas effects for a grate-fired power plant. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-964. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 32 p.


Potter, Brian E.; Hernandez, Jaime R. 2017. Downdraft outflows: climatological potential to influence fire behaviour. International Journal of Wildland Fire. 26(8): 685-692.


Prevéy, Janet S.; Harrington, Constance A.; St. Clair, J. Bradley 2018. The timing of flowering in Douglas-fir is determined by cool-season temperatures and genetic variation. Forest Ecology and Management. 409: 729-739.


Roesch-McNally, Gabrielle E.; Arbuckle, J.G.; Tyndall, John C. 2018. Barriers to implementing climate resilient agricultural strategies: The case of crop diversification in the U.S. Corn Belt. Global Environmental Change. 48: 206-215.


Wilhelmi, Nicholas P.; Shaw, David C.; Harrington, Constance A.; St. Clair, John Bradley; Ganio, Lisa M. 2017. Climate of seed source affects susceptibility of coastal Douglas-fir to foliage diseases. Ecosphere. 8(12): e02011.


Ecology, Ecosystems, & Environment 


Churchill, Derek J.; Carnwath, Gunnar C.; Larson, Andrew J.; Jeronimo, Sean A. 2017. Historical forest structure, composition, and spatial pattern in dry conifer forests of the western Blue Mountains, Oregon. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNWGTR- 956. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 93 p.


Brantley, Susan L.; McDowell, William H.; Dietrich, William E.; White, Timothy S.; Kumar, Praveen; Anderson, Suzanne P.; Chorover, Jon; Lohse, Kathleen Ann; Bales, Roger C.; Richter, Daniel D.; Grant, Gordon; Gaillardet, Jérôme. 2017.  Designing a network of critical zone observatories to explore the living skin of the terrestrial Earth. Earth Surface Dynamics. 5(4): 841-860.


Davis, Chanté D.; Epps, Clinton W.; Flitcroft, Rebecca L.; Banks, Michael A. 2018. Refining and defining riverscape genetics: How rivers influence population genetic structure. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water. 5(2): e1269-.


Harrington, Constance A.; Holub, Scott M.; Bauer, Cici; Steel, E. Ashley 2017. The distribution of tree roots in Douglas-fir forests in the Pacific Northwest in relation to depth, space, coarse organic matter and mineral fragments. Northwest Science. 91(4): 326-343.


Jenkins, Julianna M. A.; Hart, Mikenzie; Eggert, Lori S.; Faaborg, John. 2017. Sex-specific movements in postfledging juvenile Ovenbirds (Seiurus aurocapilla). The Wilson Journal of Ornithology. 129(4): 846-850.


Lorenz, Teresa J.; Raphael, Martin G. 2018. Declining Marbled Murrelet density, but not productivity, in the San Juan Islands, Washington, USA. The Condor. 120(1): 201-222.


Miller, Stephanie A.; Gordon, Sean N.; Eldred, Peter; Beloin, Ronald M.; Wilcox, Steve; Raggon, Mark; Andersen, Heidi; Muldoon, Ariel. 2017. Northwest Forest Plan—the first 20 years (1994–2013): watershed condition status and trends. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-932. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 74 p.


Penaluna, Brooke E.; Olson, Deanna H.; Flitcroft, Rebecca L.; Weber, Matthew A.; Bellmore, J. Ryan; Wondzell, Steven M.; Dunham, Jason B.; Johnson, Sherri L.; Reeves, Gordon H. 2017. Aquatic biodiversity in forests: a weak link in ecosystem services resilience. Biodiversity and Conservation. 26(13): 3125-3155.


Pilliod, David S.; Rohde, Ashley T.; Charnley, Susan; Davee, Rachael R.; Dunham, Jason B.; Gosnell, Hannah; Grant, Gordon E.; Hausner, Mark B.; Huntington, Justin L.; Nash, Caroline 2018. Survey of beaver-related restoration practices in rangeland streams of the western USA. Environmental Management. 61(1): 58-68.


Voelker, Steven L.; Meinzer, Frederick C. 2017. Where and when does stem cellulose δ18O reflect a leaf water enrichment signal? Tree Physiology. 37(5): 551-553.


Wilk, Randall J; Raphael, Martin G. 2017. Food habits of Pacific Marten from scats in south-central Oregon. Northwestern Naturalist. 98(3): 243-250.


Willis, John L.; Roberts, Scott D.; Harrington, Constance A. 2018. Variable density thinning promotes variable structural responses 14 years after treatment in the Pacific Northwest. Forest Ecology and Management. 410: 114-125.


Environment and People


Blahna, Dale J.; Poe, Aaron; Brown, Courtney; Ryan, Clare M.; Gimblett, H. Randy 2017. Social and environmental sustainability in large-scale coastal zones: Taking an issue-based approach to the implementation of the Prince William Sound sustainable human use framework. Tourism in Marine Environments. 12(3): 183-197.


Charnley, Susan; Gosnell, Hannah; Wendel, Kendra L; Rowland, Mary M; Wisdom, Michael J. 2018. Cattle grazing and fish recovery on US federal lands: can social-ecological systems science help? Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 16(S1): S11-S22.


Frumkin, Howard; Bratman, Gregory N.; Breslow, Sara Jo; Cochran, Bobby; Kahn Jr, Peter H.; Lawler, Joshua J.; Levin, Phillip S.; Tandon, Pooja S.; Varanasi, Usha; Wolf, Kathleen L.; Wood, Spencer A. 2017. Nature contact and human health: A research agenda. Environmental Health Perspectives. 125(7): 075001.


Koch, Geoff; Cerveny, Lee. 2018. Going beyond the biophysical when mapping national forests. Science Findings 204. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 5 p.


Watts, Andrea; Wolf, Kathy. 2018.  Nearby nature—A cost-effective prescription for better community health? Science Findings 203. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 5 p.




Eskelson, Bianca N. I.; Monleon, Vicente J. 2018. Post-fire surface fuel dynamics in California forests across three burn severity classes. International Journal of Wildland Fire. 27(2): 114-124.


Forest Products


Zhou, Xiaoping; Daniels, Jean M. 2018. Production, prices, employment, and trade in Northwest forest industries, all quarters 2014. Resour. Bull. PNW-RB-267. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 162 p.
Forest & Plant Health

McCaskill, George L.; Jose, Shibu; Chauhan, Ashvini; Ogram, Andrew V. 2017. Soil nitrogen dynamics as an indicator for longleaf pine restoration. Restoration Ecology. 26(2): 264-274.


Pawson, Stephen M.; Marcot, Bruce G.; Woodberry, Owen G. 2017. Predicting forest insect flight activity: A Bayesian network approach. PLOS ONE. 12(9): e0183464-.


Peter, David H.; Harrington, Timothy B.; Thompson, Mark 2017. Effects of the light environment and stand history on beargrass (Xerophyllum tenax) morphology and demography. Northwest Science. 91(4): 367-382.


Reich, Robin M.; Lojewski, Nathan; Lundquist, John E.; Bravo, Vanessa A. 2018. Predicting abundance and productivity of blueberry plants under insect defoliation in Alaska. Journal of Sustainable Forestry. 37 (4): 1-12.


Inventory, Monitoring, & Analysis

Adams, Mark D.O.; Charnley, Susan. 2018. Environmental justice and U.S. Forest Service hazardous fuels reduction: A spatial method for impact assessment of federal resource management actions. Applied Geography. 90: 257-271.


Breslow, Sara Jo; Allen, Margaret; Holstein, Danielle; Sojka, Brit; Barnea, Raz; Basurto, Xavier; Carothers, Courtney; Charnley, Susan; Coulthard, Sarah; Dolšak, Nives; Donatuto, Jamie; García-Quijano, Carlos; Hicks, Christina C.; Levine, Arielle; Mascia, Michael B.; Norman, Karma; Poe, Melissa; Satterfield, Terre; St. Martin, Kevin; Levin, Phillip S. 2017. Evaluating indicators of human well-being for ecosystem-based management. Ecosystem Health and Sustainability. 3(12): 1-18.


Natural Resource Management & Use


Curtis, Robert O.; Harrington, Constance A.; Brodie, Leslie C. 2017. Stand development 18 years after gap creation in a uniform Douglas-fir plantation. Res. Pap. PNW-RP-610. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 28 p.


Davee, Rachael; Charnley, Susan; Gosnell, Hannah. 2017. Silvies Valley Ranch, OR: using artificial beaver dams to restore incised streams. Research Note. PNW-RN-577. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 11 p. (Online only)


Wolf, Kathleen L.; Housley, Elizabeth 2017. Young adult conservation jobs and worker health. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. 60(10): 1853-1870.


Decades of publications from the Pacific Northwest Research Station are available online.


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