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The following publications are at the printer but available in electronic format now. All of our electronic publications require the Acrobat Reader program. You can download the Acrobat Reader free of charge.


GTR-967 (2018) Forests of the Tanana Valley State Forest and Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska: Results of the 2014 Pilot Inventory, by Robert Pattison, Hans-Erik Andersen, Andrew Gray, Bethany Schulz, Robert J. Smith, Sarah Jovan, tech. coords. [Abstract] (5 MB)


GTR-966 (2018) Synthesis of science to inform land management within the Northwest Forest Plan area, by T.A. Spies, P.A. Stine, R. Gravenmier, J.W. Long, M.J. Reilly, tech. coords.


GTR-962 (2018) Washington’s Forest Resources:Forest Inventory and Analysis, 2002–2011, Justin Holgerson, Sharon Stanton, Karen Waddell, Marin Palmer, Olaf Kuegler, and Glenn Christensen, Technical Editors. [Abstract] (12 MB)


GTR-964 (2018) Wood and Coal Cofiring in Alaska—Operational Considerations and Combustion Gas Effects for a Grate-Fired Power Plant, by David Nicholls, Zackery Wright, and Daisy Huang. [Abstract] (1 MB)


RN-577 (2017) Silvies Valley Ranch, Oregon: Using Artificial Beaver Dams to Restore Incised Streams, by Rachael Davee, Susan Charnley, and Hannah Gosnell. [Abstract] (11 MB)


RB-267 (2018) Production, prices, employment, and trade in Northwest forest industries, all quarters 2014, by Xiaoping Zhou and Jean M. Daniels (4 MB) [Abstract]


Science Update 24 (2017) Smoke in a New Era of Fire, by Rachel White, Paul Hessburg, Sim Larkin, Morgan Varner (3 MB) [Abstract]


RP-610 (2017) Stand Development 18 Years After Gap Creation in a Uniform Douglas-Fir Plantation, by Robert O. Curtis, Constance A. Harrington, and Leslie C. Brodie (5 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-932 (2017) Northwest Forest Plan—the first 20 years (1994–2013): watershed condition status and trends, by Stephanie A. Miller, Sean N. Gordon, Peter Eldred, Ronald M. Beloin, Steve Wilcox, Mark Raggon, Heidi Andersen, and Ariel Muldoon (34 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-956 (2017) Historical Forest Structure, Composition, and Spatial Pattern in Dry Conifer Forests of the Western Blue Mountains, Oregon, by Derek J. Churchill, Gunnar C. Carnwath, Andrew J. Larson, and Sean A. Jeronimo (7 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-958 (2017) Oregon’s Forest Resources, 2001–2010: Ten-Year Forest Inventory and Analysis Report, by Sheel Bansal, Leslie Brodie, Sharon Stanton, Karen Waddell, Marin Palmer, Glenn Christensen, and Olaf Kuegler (11 MB) [Abstract] Supplement


GTR-960 (2017) OpCost: an open-source system for estimating costs of stand-level forest operations, by Conor K. Bell, Robert F. Keefe, and Jeremy S. Fried (4 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-963 (2017) Gene conservation of tree species—banking on the future. Proceedings of a workshop, by Richard A. Sniezko, Gary Man, Valerie Hipkins, Keith Woeste, David Gwaze, John T. Kliejunas, Brianna A. McTeague, tech. cords (12 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-907 (2017) Terrestrial species viability assessments for national forests in northeastern Washington, by William L. Gaines, Barbara C. Wales, Lowell H. Suring, James S. Begley, Kim Mellen-McLean, and Shawne Mohoric (7 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-961 (2017) Spending patterns of outdoor recreation visitors to national forests, by Eric M. White (2 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-959 (2017) Economic sensitivity and risk analysis for small-scale wood pellet systems—an example from southeast Alaska, by David L. Nicholls (2 MB) [Abstract]


RP-609 (2017) Understory plant development in artificial canopy gaps in an 81-year-old forest stand on Chichagof Island, southeast Alaska, by Scott H. Harris and Jeffrey C. Barnard (9 MB) [Abstract]


Science Findings 207 (June 2018) The recovery of soil fungi following a fire based on science by Jane E. Smith, Ariel D. Cowan, and Ari Jumpponen (3 MB)


Science Findings 206 (April 2018) River food webs: Incorporating nature’s invisible fabric into river management based on science by J. Ryan Bellmore, Joseph Benjamin, and Colden Baxter (5 MB)


Science Findings 205 (March 2018) Of moss and men: Using moss as a bioindicator of toxic heavy metals at the city scale based on science by Sarah Jovan, Demetrios Gatziolis, and Vicente Monleon (6 MB)


Science Findings 204 (February 2018) Going beyond the biophysical when mapping national forests based on science by Lee Cerveny (6 MB)


Science Findings 203 (January 2018) Nearby nature—A cost-effective prescription for better community health? based on science by Kathleen Wolf (7 MB)


Science Findings 202 (November 2017) Can we store carbon and have our timber and habitat too? based on science by Thomas Spies, Jeffrey Kline, and Warren Cohen (4 MB)


Science Findings 201 (October 2017) Fluid temperatures: Modeling the thermal regime of a river network, based on science by Ashley Steel (6 MB)


RN-576 (2017) Ecosystem processes related to wood decay, by Bruce G. Marcot. [Abstract] (8 MB)


RN-293 (2017) Financial consequences of commercial thinning regimes in young-growth Douglas-fir, by Robert M. Randall. [Abstract] (523 KB)


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