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PNW Ecotone

“PNW Ecotone” is a podcast of the Pacific Northwest Research Station that highlights recent science findings, tools, and timely research topics from our 11 laboratories and centers in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.

In ecology, an “ecotone” refers to a transitional area, an interface, between two distinct landscape types. This interface shares characteristics of each area but also has unique qualities of its own. We view “PNW Ecotone” in much the same way—as a transitional interface that connects two communities—in our case, scientists and the people their work serves.


Current Episode

Episode 2—Beyond the Concrete Jungle: Cities as Sources of Ecosystem Services

October 2012—When you hear the word “ecosystem,” what comes to mind? A forest? A river, maybe? Well, how about a city? It turns out, the green spaces in our urban areas can offer a range of ecosystem services, just like forests and rivers. Station scientists are working to better understand cities as ecosystems and demonstrate how nearby nature provides important benefits and services. (4:19).


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Past Episodes

Episode 1 – Scarred for Life: What Tree Rings Can Reveal About Fire History


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