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Portable Electronic Presentations

A portable electronic presentation is an online \ offline interactive learning resource
representing key scientific talks in an on-demand rich media format.

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A Tutorial on Field Procedures for Inventory and Assessment of Road-Stream Crossings for Aquatic Organism Passage

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Culvert Inventory PEP Presenters: Michael Love, Ross Taylor, Susan Firor, Michael Furniss
Length: Approximately 30 minutes

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  • Introduction
  • E-presentation Features
  • Overview of Tutorial
  • Safety First
  • Proper Safety Equipment
  • Safety Hazards
  • Safety on Roadways
  • Safety Around Streams and Culverts
  • Other Safety Hazards
  • Intro to Field Data Form
  • Supplemental Data Form
  • Introduction to Sample Crossing
  • Site Location Information
  • Culvert Shape and Dimensions
  • Culvert Materials
  • Culvert Corrugations
  • Culvert Rustline
  • Inlet and Outlet Aprons
  • Effects of Inlet Type on Passage
  • Inlet Type
  • Outlet Configuration
  • Baffles, weirs, and other retrofits
  • Substrate in Culvert
  • Classifying Substrate Size
  • Pipe Condition
  • Fill Volume
  • Fill Measurements
  • Diversion Potential
  • Starting the Survey
  • Overview of Longitudinal Profile
  • Survey Setup
  • Survey Benchmarking
  • Inlet Gradient Point
  • Starting the Long Tape
  • Inlet|| Slope Breaks
  • Outlet
  • Outlet Aprons and Riprap Cascades
  • Maximum Pool Depth
  • Identifying Tailwater Control
  • Downstream Channel Point
  • Tailwater Cross Section
  • Channel Substrate
  • Bankfull Channel Widths
  • Photos
  • Site Sketch
  • Survey Calculations
  • Initial Passage Determination
  • FishXing Analysis
  • Credits