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The Geomorphic Response of Rivers to Dams: Geomorphic Effects of Dams on Rivers: A tutorial ...continued.

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EffectsPresenter: Gordon Grant
Length: 5 Parts

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       Part 1

  • Introduction
  • How do we bring hydrologic and sediment transport effects together?
  • Daily mean discharge at Estacada 1938 to 1982
  • Calculating T*
  • Sediment supply downstream from a dam
  • Calculating S*

      Part 2

  • An analytical framework for predicting downstream responses
  • Flaming Gorge Dam
  • Downstream Changes in Flow and Sediment Flux
  • Green River- T* and S*
  • Channel Aggradation Graph
  • Channel narrowing on the Green River
  • Glen Canyon Dam||Colorado River Sediment Supply Graph
  • Colorado River- S*
  • Channel Aggredation
  • Substantial bed degradation in Glen Canyon
  • ...but little bank erosion in Glen Canyon- 1952-1984
  • A Map Further Downstream

       Part 3

  • Deschutes River- Oregon
  • Water Map
  • Lower Deschutes River Sediment Budget
  • Deschutes River- S*
  • Channel Aggredation Graph
  • Floods…the Outhouse Flood
  • Harris Island Cross Section 7
  • Green- Deschutes- Colorado River Graph
  • Geologically-controlled landforms and events
  • Valley scale response to changing sediment supply

       Part 4

  • Mountain Streams- Lowland Rivers
  • Sediment dynamics vary with scale and environment
  • Cascades Map||Mean Monthly Discharge
  • High and Western Cascade Graph
  • High Cascades
  • Geology Photo
  • Western Cascades
  • High and Western Cascades
  • McKenzie Watershed
  • High Cascades(spring fed)
  • Western Cascades

        Part 5

  • USGS Stream Gages
  • McKenzie River- Pre Dam
  • High Cascade Classification Chart
  • Willamette River Discharge (Albany- Oregon)
  • Flow duration curves-Willamette River
  • High and Western Cascades
  • A Summary of Sorts