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The Geomorphic Response of Rivers to Dams: Case Study 1: Steep Bedrock Rivers

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Case STudy 1Presenter: Scott McBain
Length: 3 Parts

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       Part 1

  • Presentation Outline
  • Proposed Dam Site Graphic
  • Hydrology of the Clavey River
  • water year classification to illustrate inter-annual variability for rainfall/snowmelt dominated river
  • Intra-annual variability for snowmelt/spring dominated streams
  • Intra-annual variability for snowmelt/spring dominated streams
  • Differences in magnitude- duration- timing- and frequency between water year classes
  • Longitudinal variability influences sediment supply
  • Sediment Regime-moderate episodic supply mechanisms
  • Lets Consider
  • Change in Cherry Creek water yield
  • Changes to Cherry Creek flood frequency
  • Variable flood frequency and geomorphic processes(ext wet)
  • Variable flood frequency and geomorphic processes(normal)
  • Variable flood frequency and geomorphic processes(crit dry)
  • Summary of changes
  • Potential impacts

       Part 2

  • Selected conceptual models and analytical tools
  • Geomorphic changes: Sediment mitigation by tributaries
  • Geomorphic changes: Resulting impact on storage
  • Geomorphic changes: in-channel storage reservoirs
  • Conceptual changes in bed mobility thresholds and frequency
  • Nested geomorphic features-large scale example
  • Nested geomorphic features-large scale another example
  • Nested geomorphic features-medium scale example
  • Nested geomorphic features-small scale example
  • Nested geomorphic features and mobility thresholds

       Part 3

  • Biological hotspots
  • Typical channel morphology
  • Less common channel morphology
  • Dam impacts on Biota?
  • Cherry Creek Gaging Station
  • Fine sediment accumulation?
  • SUMMARY AND PUNCHLINE: How do you go about addressing these questions?