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Holocene Climate Variation and Drought in the Great Basin

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Impacts and Uncertainties Presenter: Robin J. Tausch
Length: 17 min and 16 s

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  • Holocene Climate Variation and Drought
  • Hocene CO2 and Temp. Variation
  • Holocene Great Basin Lakes
  • Modern Intact Woodrat Midden
  • Exposed Fossil Midden
  • Large Midden, Clan Alpine Mtns.
  • Recent and Older Midden Samples
  • Sieving dissolved Midden Sample
  • Sorting Midden Plant Materials
  • Toiyabe Mtns. Midden Area
  • Topo Map of Midden Sites
  • Big Creek Midden Site
  • Upper Birch Creek Midden Site
  • macrofossil taxa at each location
  • Cluster Dendrogram Midden Samples
  • Mid-Holocene Dry Periods
  • Tree Trunk in Lake Tahoe
  • Mid-Holocene Wet Period
  • Sampling a Toiyabe Mtns. Meadow
  • Core Sampling for Pollen
  • Neoglacial Wet Period
  • Slope Stability, Soil Formation
  • Post-Neoglacial Drought
  • Slope Instability and Deposition
  • Deposited Alluvial Fan
  • Medieval Warm Period
  • Little Ice Age
  • Post-Little Ice Age Variation
  • Post-Little Ice Age Erosion
  • Head Cut - 1994
  • Head Cut 1998
  • Incised meadow 2002
  • Total Taxa by C14 Age
  • Elevation Limits of Key Plant Species
  • Macrofossil taxa by Plant Form
  • Drought Monitor Example Map