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Ecology, Management, and Conservation of Sensitive Wildlife Species

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The mission of the Wildlife Ecology Team is to generate and communicate scientific knowledge on the patterns, causes, and ecological interactions of terrestrial organisms and communities. We work across a variety of ecosystems, across a variety of temporal and spatial scales, and across taxonomic groups with an emphasis on wildlife (non-fish vertebrates). We strive to create relevant new information that is useful to land managers and policy makers.


The team performs this mission by conducting research within three major themes:

1. Conservation of Biological Diversity. Improve understanding of the factors affecting biological diversity and ecosystem structure and function, including the role of human activity. Investigate alternatives and tools for conservation of biological diversity, including viability assessments for species of concern, development of broader ecosystembased strategies, and analysis of functional roles of species and assemblages of species.

2. Ecology of Endangered, Threatened, and Sensitive Species. Determine habitat requirements and limiting factors for threatened, endangered, and sensitive wildlife species to facilitate integrated resource management and communicate research results to aid development of management options.

3. Survey and Monitoring Protocols. Develop and test techniques and protocols to survey and monitor populations, species assemblages, ecological communities, and ecosystems in support of adaptive management and other planning objectives.

Geographic Scope

Our primary geographic coverage is the west side of the Cascades, extending to the coast in Oregon and Washington. Other PNW wildlife research teams headquartered in La Grande and Wenatchee emphasize lands in eastern Oregon and eastern Washington, respectively. Individual studies may extend beyond the Westside to other areas as warranted.


Currently The Wildlife Ecology Team is involved in research into the following lines of study:




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