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Ecology, Management, and Conservation of Sensitive Wildlife Species

The Wildlife Ecology Team

Mission Objectives of the Wildlife Ecology Team:

The conservation of threatened, endangered, and sensitive species is one of the highest priority challenges to managing biological diversity in the Pacific Northwest. Over 50 species of terrestrial vertebrates are listed in western Washington, Oregon, and California, and federal laws and regulations direct the Forest Service and other federal agencies to maintain populations of these species on federal lands. This direction is being addressed through a series of related investigations with three major objectives: (1) understanding the habitat relationships and population demographics of species of concern in managed landscapes, (2) gathering information needed to design management strategies that will ensure long-term viability of populations, including development of reliable survey and monitoring protocols, and (3) developing methods for assessing population viability. Species currently identified as research priorities include the northern spotted owl, marbled Murrelet, pileated woodpecker, American marten, fisher, red tree vole, all species of bats, woodland salamanders, and stream-breeding frogs and salamanders. Studies in support of implementation of the President's Forest Plan will be a major emphasis of the team's research, including testing assumptions of the effects of reserve design on viability of wide-ranging species and the implications of alternative stand and landscape management prescriptions on community composition and population viability.

Partners and Cooperators:

National Forest System; U.S.D.I. Fish and Wildlife Service; U.S.D.I. National Biological Survey; Washington Department of Natural Resources, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife; Oregon Department of Forestry, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, Weyerhaeuser, ITT Rayonier, Champion International and other industrial organizations; Klamath Indian Nation and other Indian nations; various environmental organizations including the Center for Wildlife Conservation; Washington State Timber Fish Wildlife Cooperative; University of Washington, Washington State University, Oregon State University, and other academic institutions.

Proposed Budget and Staff:

3 PFT Research Wildlife Biologists, 4 PFT Wildlife Biologists, 1 PFT GIS Specialist, variable numbers of term wildlife biologists and technical support staff. We anticipate a need for 1-2 Postdoctoral Associates and conversion of 2-3 term wildlife biologists to PFT Wildlife Biologists. We also require support for administrative staff at Olympia and Corvallis Forestry Sciences Laboratories, and maintenance of GIS laboratory and computing equipment and software at Olympia.

Annual Budget estimated at $2.5 million per year to support current effort.

Link to PNW Strategic Plan and Organizational Structure:

This team focusses on the major PNW thrust, Understanding Ecosystems. The team contributes to a second thrust, Multi-Resource Productivity. The team is directly tied to the sensitive species program for the PNW, to the Ecological Framework for Management RD&A Program, and to the Inventory and Economics RD&A Program. The team reports to the Ecological Process and Function Research Program.

The team provides research in support of the following PNW Station Goals:

4251--Advance Basic Ecological Science

4252--Maintain Biological Diversity

4156--Provide New Management and Analytical Approaches

4854--Inventory Resources and Improve Monitoring Technology

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