Olympic Habitat Development Study
Man with a chainsaw sitting on a rock inside a stand of very large trees is crying.  Caption says THE DAY MR. BENSON WAS ASSIGNED TO CREATE LOG PYRAMIDS AT THE FIRST V.D.T. IN THE REDWOODS.

Well, sure looks like Mr Benson was having a bad day. But of course Mr Benson is lost. We can tell he is not in the right spot because forest stands with this size tree are not candidates for VDT. (variable-density thinning) They have already developed large-diameter trees. And stands this age are much less likely to benefit from thinning than younger stands (as tree branch structure, species composition and other aspects of forest stands are harder to charge in older stands) Second, the idea of log pyramids is to substitute several small logs for what would have been large logs in old-growth stands. This stand, even if it needed more woody debris on the ground, has stems so large that creating pyramids would be silly.