Olympic Habitat Development Study

Study Design and Implementation

The Olympic Habitat Development Study was designed by Connie Harrington (Research Forester) and Andy Carey (Wildlife Biologist). Special thanks to the crew who installed the plots - Allen Shaffer, Jeff Bradley, Gary Hren, and Lance Everette - and to the many others who have worked on the project for many years - Todd Wilson, Leslie Brodie, James Dollins, (to name only a few of the dozens of employees, Student Conservation Association interns and volunteers who have contributed to the project). The staff of the Olympic National Forest - both at the Ranger Districts and in the Supervisor's Office have been instrumental in getting the treatments implemented and in supporting and protecting the study over 15 years.

Website Development

This website was modeled after the Silver Comet Trail website. We copied (with permission granted by www.silvercometga.com) their design, layout, look, appearance, framework and stylesheet. Many thanks goes to this very well-designed web site!

The content for the Olympic Habitat Development Study website was written by Connie Harrington and Chris Montero (Natural History Tour). The site development was done by Dave Thornton. Chris Montero drew the trail map and the cartoons on the Laugh & Learn Tour. Thanks also to Joe Kraft, Peter Gould, Leslie Brodie and others for graphics and other help.

Other Credits

A list of other free web-related resources can be found at Silver Comet Trail's website

>A young western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) grows on an old nurse-stump.
A young western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) grows on an old nurse-stump.