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Genetic and Silvicultural Foundations for Management

The Genetic and Silvicultural Foundations for Management Team is a division of the PNW Research Station's Land and Watershed Management Program. Our team's research focuses on developing basic and applied information on genetics, genomics, plant biology, ecology and silviculture to meet a wide range of management goals.

Special emphasis areas for the team include:

  • Genecology (field collections and common garden trials)

  • Genomics (laboratory analysis)

  • Plant response to climate (greenhouse, growth chamber and field trials)

  • Physiology and plant phenology (field observations, greenhouse and growth chamber trials)

  • Silviculture for diverse management objectives (variable density thinning, multiple species, even- and uneven-aged systems, long-term productivity)







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For more information about our team, please contact one of the members of our team.

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