Nature Links for Kids!

Best for ages 8-12 USDA Forest Service’s Kids Page that has short articles and more in addition to learning about characters like Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl.  For kids around ages 8-12.

Best for ages 6-10 Another very good USDA Forest Service Kid Page with a nature coloring book, activity booklet and more!  For ages about 6-10.

Best for ages 9-14 A fantastic and super fun activity and learning center about all parts of nature for kids grades 4-8.  It is structured much like a magazine.

Best for ages 8-12 One of the best kid nature sites on the web.  Includes excerpts from the Ranger Rick magazine and many fun games that teach you about nature.  Best for kids 8-13 or so.  Also, I strongly suggest ordering their Ranger Rick magazine.

Best for all ages! A really good report on Washington State’s different tree seeds by a second grader.

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