Crazy About Trees Crossword

Welcome to the crossword puzzle!  Just write down the word that goes with the number-matched definition below the crossword tree with one letter per box.  Make sure they are spelled correctly or else they won’t fit.  Have lots of fun!  Print out this page and then write the answers on it.



3.  Chemical in leaves that uses the sunlight’s energy.

5.  The gas that trees “breathe” out.

6.  Season when deciduous trees lose their leaves.

9.  Describes trees that have broad leaves instead of needles.

10.  Widespread trees that have acorns as seeds.

11.  Tree type that grows needles instead of broad leaves.

15.  The tallest and largest plants.

16.  Undeveloped leaves or flowers on a tree’s twigs.


1.  Process that turns carbon dioxide and water into tree food.

2.  Tree’s seeds look like snow when they float through the air.

4.  Oregon’s state tree.

7.  Part of a tree that carries tree food to different parts of a tree.

8.  This fir species has needles that grow directly out of the branch and aren’t connected to any other needles.

11.  Outer part of a trunk that is its protection.

12.  Part of a tree that absorbs the water and nutrients out of the soil.

13.  A non-deciduous oak species.

14.  Tree part that carries nutrients from roots to the branches.

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