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Science Stories

Even Fish Need Oxygen


Investigating Hypoxia in Rivers Where Salmon Spawn


Hypoxia: Extremely low levels of dissolved oxygen in water. When water is hypoxic, the low amount of oxygen can severely damage, and even kill, hundreds to thousands of fish at once. Fish die-offs that result from hypoxic conditions are well-documented in warm, coastal waters such as the Gulf of Mexico. But similar events can occur globally in both marine and freshwater. Read more>>




Even fish need oxygen.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Ire


Forest Service Science Protects Public Health by Forecasting Potency and Path of Smoke.


Rain is essential, but floods can be devastating. The same holds true for fire. Fire helps to keep forests healthy, but when it is too big, too hot, and out of control, fire can be catastrophic. Fire is an annual occurrence in some U.S. landscapes, particularly those in the West, and the Pacific Northwest is no exception. In 2016 alone, more than 3,000 wildland fires burned more than 1 million acres across Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. Pacific Northwest Research Station fire science is helping communities live alongside fire. Read more>>





Indian Peak. Photo by Kreig Rasmussen.


The Last (Un-Inventoried) Frontier


If you’re a Pacific Northwest Research Station scientist inventorying forests in interior Alaska, then your daily commute at the moment crisscrosses a remote area the size of Arkansas. This vastness—and the fact that much of the 53,500-square-mile initial study area is not reachable by road—means that forest access must often come by air. Read more>>




Field crew working in interior Alaska.

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Restoration planning on the Okanogan-Wenatchee national forest: Prescriptions for resilient landscapes, based on science by Keith Reynolds and Paul Hessburg

Science Findings

To communicate our most significant findings to people who make and influence decisions about land management, we select up to 12 projects each year to highlight in a monthly publication.




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Fire Restoration and Recovery in Pacific Northwest


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    Episode 2—Beyond the Concrete Jungle: Cities as Sources of Ecosystem Services (4:19)




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