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Wanted: DEAD!

Medusahead Rye


  • Leaves: Leaf blades rolled, 1/16th-inch wide, usually bearing stiff hairs (sometimes without). Leaves stalked, upper reduced and sessile.
  • Ligules: Very short
  • Auricles: Present but inconspicuous
  • Spikelets: In a densely crowded bristly spike, two per node
  • Bristles: 1 to 4 inches long borne on the lemas, the glumes tapering to a slender awn

Medusahead is an annual grass that can grow 6 to 24 inches tall. Stockmen report animals will not eat it at any stage in development. It can completely cover rangelands, rendering them unusable to livestock.


  • Chemical: Herbicides applied in spring will reduce medusahead. Consult you local weed board for information.
  • Mechanical: A low, hot burn right before the seeds drop will reduce medusahead. Disking and plowing can also reduce seeding.

Report all sightings to your local Weed Board

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