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Incorporating Uncertainty in Natural Resource Decision-Making

Graph of Monte Carlo sensitivity analysis results.

Results of a Monte Carlo sensitivity analysis of the Ecosystem Diagnosis and Treatment (EDT) model of salmon habitat. See Steel et al. 2009 (Fisheries) and McElhany et al. 2010

One of the greatest possible contributions of the statistical
and quantitative sciences is to provide guidance on how to
incorporate uncertainty in natural resource decision-making.

Ashley Steel
Tim Beechie and Aimee Fullerton, NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Research Description:

Projects include model sensitivity analyses that explain how best to apply modeled data in a management setting.
Models evaluated include a fisheries-habitat model (Steel et al 2009, McElhany et al. 2010) and a combined forest
vegetation and wildfire model (Hummel et al 2012).

Another approach to managing uncertainty is to use scenario-based planning. While at NOAA’s NW Fisheries
Science Center, we developed a spatially explicit, multi-model decision-support system for the Lewis River
Steel et al. 2008, Fullerton et al 2009, Fullerton et al. 2010) that evaluates multiple watershed-scale restoration

In cooperation with the FERA team, PNW Research Station, and Oregon State University extension, we have hosted
a series of three workshops on understanding models in order to better understand climate science. I have also
taught two seminars at the University of Washington, Scientific Information in Environmental Decision Making and
The Role of Habitat in Salmon Recovery Planning
that focus on incorporating uncertainty into natural resource

Additional examples of incorporating uncertainty into natural resource planning are summarized in the
following chapters:

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