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Pete Bisson

Headshot photo of Pete Bisson. Research Fish Biologist
Pacific Northwest Research Station
Olympia Forestry Sciences Lab

Contact via email
Phone: (360)753-7671
Fax: (360)753-7737

Curriculum Vitae (435 KB)

Statement of Research:

My research includes stream habitats, food webs, riparian management, and a variety of conservation issues related to watersheds. I hold affiliate faculty appointments at University of Washington and Oregon State University, and am currently serving as vice-chair of the Independent Scientific Review Panel for the Northwest Power and Conservation Council.

Projects & Activities:

Autumn view up the Columbia River Gorge.

Columbia River Basin

Salmon Recovery in the Columbia River Basin
To help restore wild salmon and steelhead runs,
two committees of independent scientists provide
scientific oversight to the nation’s largest freshwater
ecological restoration program… read more

Selected Publications:

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