Paige C. Eagle

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 > Ecological data analyst/manager:
  • Professional experience as a database and web developer (7 yrs), biostatistician (2 yrs), and GIS consultant (< 1 yr)
  • M.S. concentration in biometry, with 24 hours in statistics and 3 semesters as graduate student instructor for Natural Resource Statistics and Population Ecology
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics
  • Programming experience in Visual Basic (VB .NET 2003, Microsoft Access), SQL (SQL Server 7.0, MySQL), PHP, ColdFusion (CF Studio 4.0), HTML
  • Experience applying GIS (ArcView, Atlas) in mapping migratory bird routes and as a tool in nature reserve design in northern Michigan
  • Proficient in statistical software packages SPSS and SYSTAT, working knowledge of SPlus and SAS

  > Conservation Biologist/Field Ecologist:

  • Professional experience investigating survey sampling/experimental design issues of wildlife monitoring programs
  • M.S. in Conservation Biology & Ecosystem Management
  • Experience conducting extensive independent field research on songbird/habitat relationships
  • Advanced field identification skills, including thorough knowledge of birds by sight and sound, and eastern woody plants

  > Teacher:

  • Five years combined teaching experience as secondary level student teacher, environmental educator, and graduate student instructor

Education/Professional Training

Summary of Professional Experience Websites Publications, Presentations, & Posters

Droege, S. and P. Eagle. (In press). Calling Surveys for North American Amphibians: An Evaluation and Rationale, In Lannoo, M.J. (Ed.), Status and Conservation of U.S. Amphibians. Volume 1: Conservation Essays. University of California Press, Berkeley, California.

Gibbs, J. P., S. Droege, and P. Eagle. 1998. Computers in biology: monitoring populations of plants and animals. Bioscience 48(11): 935-940.

Eagle, P. C., S. Droege, and J. Gibbs. 1998. Amphibian monitoring, variability, and sample size: lessons from the literature. Presentation, 79th Annual Meeting of the Amer. Soc. of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, July 16-22, 1998, Guelph, Ontario.

Eagle, P. C., J. P. Gibbs, and S. Droege. 1998.  Power analysis of wildlife monitoring programs: exploring the trade-offs between survey design variables and sample size requirements.  Poster, Ecological Society of America 83rd Annual Meeting, August 2-6, 1998, Baltimore, Maryland.

Binckley, C. A., P. Eagle, L. Monti, B. Plesky, K. Werner, D. Bystrak, M. Quinlan, P. Congdon, G. Spears, N. Carlson, and S. Droege. 1998. Effects of artificial cover objects on salamander counts. Poster, Ecological Society of America 83rd Annual Meeting, August 2-6, 1998, Baltimore, Maryland.