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CautionNewest Version of Consume Found in the Fuel and Fire Tools (FFT)

The latest version of the Fire Emissions Production Simulator (FEPS) is housed within the Fuel and Fire Tools (FFT).  FFT integrates FCCS with Consume and FEPS into a single user interface, and offers direct linkages to the Pile Calculator and Digital Photo Series. The older stand-alone version of FEPS (v1.1) is still available for download but will not be updated and is no longer compatible with recent versions of Windows (7 and higher).

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CONSUME is a user-friendly software application designed for resource managers and scientists with some working knowledge of Microsoft Windows® applications. Land managers and researchers input fuel characteristics, lighting patterns, fuel conditions, and meteorological attributes, then CONSUME outputs fuel consumption and emissions by combustion phase.

Consume 3.0

CONSUME 3.0 is designed to import data directly from the Fuel Characteristic Classification System (FCCS), and the output is formatted to feed other models and provide usable outputs for burn plan preparation and smoke management requirements. Additionally, training and a user’s manual are available. CONSUME can be used for most forest, shrub and grasslands in North America.

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Validation of Fuel Consumption Models for Smoke Management Planning in the Eastern Regions of the United States

Fuel Consumption and Flammability Thresholds in Shrub-Dominated Ecosystems

Forest Floor Consumption and Smoke Characterization in Boreal Forested Fuelbed Types of Alaska

Selected Publications

Joint Fire Science Program. 2009. Consume 3.0--a software tool for computing fuel consumption. Fire Science Brief. 66, June 2009. 6 p.
Full text [.pdf]

Ottmar, Roger D.; Prichard, Susan J.; Vihnanek, Robert E.; Sandberg, David V. Modification and validation of fuel consumption models for shrub and forested lands in the Southwest, Pacific Northwest, Rockies, Midwest, Southeast, and Alaska. Final report.
Full text [.pdf]

Ottmar, R.D.; Sandberg, D.V.; Bluhm, A. 2003. Biomass consumption and carbon pools. Poster. In: Galley, K.E.M., Klinger, R.C.; Sugihara, N.G. (eds) Proceedings of Fire Ecology, Prevention, and Management. Misc. Pub. 13. Tallahassee, FL: Tall Timbers Research Station.
Full text [.pdf]

Hollis, J.J.; Matthews, S.; Ottmar, R.D.; Prichard, S.J.; Slijepcevic, A.; Burrows, N.D.; Ward, B.; Tolhurst, K.G.; Anderson, W.R.; Gould, J.S. 2010. Testing woody fuel consumption models for application in Australian southern eucalypt forest fires. Forest Ecology and Management. 260: 948-964.
Abstract and full text [.html]


Team Lead: Roger Ottmar

Logo of the Joint Fire Science ProgramThis research was partially funded by the National Fire Plan, and we acknowledge funding from the Joint Fire Science Program under Project 98-1-9-06.

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