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Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team
Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory

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Icon of magnifying glassNatural Fuels Photo Series

Field crew technician clipping dry grasses in a 1-m square plotThe natural fuels photo series project is designed to help land managers appraise fuel and vegetation conditions in natural settings. Each group of photos in a series includes inventory information summarizing vegetation composition, structure and loading and, as appropriate woody material loading and density by size class, forest floor depth and loading, and various site characteristics.

Once an assessment of fuel and vegetation conditions has been completed, stand treatment options, such as prescribed fire or harvesting, can be planned and implemented to better achieve desired effects while minimizing negative impacts on other resources.

Hardcopy Photo Series

Digital Photo Series

Free copies of published photo series can be ordered. The source of these copies varies, so both citations and specific ordering instructions are Small image of photo series coverprovided. Large numbers of someolder series are in storage and need good homes.

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Screenshot of digital photo seriesThe digital photo series takes advantage of data collected for published photo series to create a software application that includes a fuels database allowing users to search, browse, compare and format output for other fire science software. It complements, but does not replace, the paper and ink versions available now and in the future.

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Team Lead: Roger Ottmar

Funding Partners: U.S. Department of the Interior; USDA Forest Service -- Pacific Northwest Region, Pacific Southwest Research Station; Joint Fire Science Program; U.S. Agency for International Development (Latin America and the Caribbean Bureau and the Mexico Mission); U.S. Forest Service International Programs; Department of Defense -- Eglin Air Force Base (Natural Resources Branch), Pohakulo and Makua Training Areas; State of Hawaii, Department of Natural Resources (Division of Forestry and Wildlife); University of Brasilia Department of Ecology; National Park Service -- Hawaii Volcanoes National Park; East Bay Regional Park District.


** Use of the online version of the Digital Photo Series is recommended because it will always be up the most current version. A downloadable version is now available for installation on your computer and runs on a "virtual browser." Unzip the file, and click on dps.exe. [.zip 888 MB] Updated 1/24/13.

Be aware that this may take an hour or more to download.

This version is temporarily unable to function on computers running the Windows 7 operating system.





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