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Icon of magnifying glassCompiling, Synthesizing, and Analyzing Existing Boreal Forest Fire History for Alaska

Final Report [.pdf]

Project website [.html]

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Alaska Fire History Database [.zip]

Fire History Map [.html]

Alaska Large Fire Database [.html]

Draft of Fire Regimes of the Alaskan Boreal Forest [.zip]

The Alaska Interagency Fire Management Plan recognized the critical role of wildland fires in maintaining the ecological integrity of boreal forests. Identifying and maintaining natural fire regimes is an important component of fire management and is a wise undertaking from both an economic and ecological perspective. We identified 24 existing research projects in the boreal forests of Alaska that directly or indirectly address historical fire regimes, and there were undoubtedly more projects we have yet to identify. Thirteen of the 24 identified projects were either unpublished, have an extensive amount of unprocessed samples, or their data were used for other purposes. Furthermore, there had not been a compilation and comprehensive assessment of these data to provide a more complete understanding of how fire has historically impacted the boreal forest ecosystems of Alaska.

The objectives of this proposed project were to compile, synthesize and analyze boreal forest fire history datasets that already exist in Alaska.

Project Lead: Diana Olson

Team Lead: Don McKenzie

Cooperators: Yale University and the National Park Service.

Logo of the Joint Fire Science ProgramWe acknowledge funding by the Joint Fire Science Program under Project JFSP 6-1-3-26.

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