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My Fuel Treatment Planner


My Fuel Treatment Planner, or MyFTP, is designed to allow planners working at the level of a national forest district or similarly sized unit to estimate costs, revenues, economic impacts, and surface fuels resulting from operations designed to reduce fuel loads in fire-prone forests. The software is limited in scope to the dry forests of the western United States.

MyFTP is a spreadsheet application developed with Microsoft® Excel® 2002. Its compatibility with spreadsheet software other than Microsoft Excel has not been tested. MyFTP has, however, been tested successfully with Excel 2002-2003 and with Excel 2007. If you plan to use MyFTP with Excel 2007 be sure to download and read the information sheet for users of Excel 2007. It's available from the “Documentation Files” section below.

System and Software Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7
  • Microsoft Excel 2002, 2003, or 2007
MyFTP INSTALLER—The link below leads to a Microsoft Installer (.msi) file that will install all of the Excel files plus several auxiliary files that are required for MyFTP to operate correctly.
Arrow bullet Readme

Installation instructions—please read this PDF document first! You may find it helpful to print this file so that you can refer to it as you are installing MyFTP and when you run it the first time or two.

Arrow bullet MyFTP.msi

Installation module—22.1 MB download. Does not require administrative privileges.

Please note: The installation module requires the Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0 or a later version to be available on your computer system. If the MyFTP installation fails, it may be because your computer has an older version of the Microsoft Installer. In that case you can download the most recent version of the installer from the appropriate Microsoft web page as indicated below. Follow the instructions on the download page to install the module. Because the installer is a component of the Windows operating system you must have administrative privileges to install it.


Documentation downloads are listed in the table below. Please note the following:

Excel 2007 has some important security features that differ from previous versions of Excel, and if you are using the 2007 version it is very important for you to download and read the Excel 2007 information sheet from the link below.

  Download Item File Type File Size
Arrow bullet Important information for users of Excel 2007 Adobe® PDF 0.84 MB  
Arrow bullet User's Guide for MyFTP Adobe® PDF 4.95 MB  
Arrow bullet My Fuel Treatment Planner Fact Sheet Adobe® PDF 0.13 MB  
Arrow bullet Financial Analysis of Fuel Treatments Adobe® PDF 4.15 MB  
Arrow bullet Guide to Fuel Treatments in the Dry Forests of the Western US

(commonly known as the Fuel Treatment Guidebook)

Adobe® PDF 18.66 MB  

These links point to MyFTP data files and saved scenarios based on cases described in the Fuel Treatment Guidebook listed above.

Sample data files

Saved scenario files


For questions or assistance with MyFTP, contact Jamie Barbour: jbarbour01 (at)

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