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Focused Science Delivery Program

R. James (Jamie) Barbour, Program Manager

Forestry Sciences Laboratory
620 SW Main, Suite 400
P.O. Box 3890
Portland, OR 97208-3890
Phone: (503) 808-2542


In the Focused Science Delivery Program, our mission is to enhance the usefulness of scientific information. We recognize that high-quality research already exists, but that locating it among a scattered array of sources can be time-consuming, expensive, and confusing. Consequently, we strive to pull together and synthesize information from a range of disciplines, and deliver it in clear and accessible formats. By providing interdisciplinary information specific to clients’ needs, we can strengthen decisionmaking processes by ensuring that policymakers and managers have access to an integrated body of thought.

Hoping to reach as wide an audience as possible, we make every effort to engage a diversity of clients. We pay particular attention to collaboration—checking back with clients regularly to create an adaptive feedback loop that guides our product development process and fosters long-term partnerships. Finally, we actively encourage cooperation among researchers, political leaders, management specialists, and the public as they search for solutions to complex resource management problems.

We organize our efforts around a set of natural resource issues, or initiatives, each one lasting from two to four years. Currently, we are addressing issues related to sustainable wood production in the Pacific Northwest, biodiversity, and reducing fire risk to people and resources.


Highlights of our recent research:

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Cover of publication entitled

Sustainable production of wood and non-wood forest products: Proceedings of IUFRO Division 5 Research Groups 5.11 and 5.12, Rotorua, New Zealand, March 11–15, 2003 (PDF: 2.02 MB)


Cover of publication entitled Bridging the worlds of fire managers and researchers: lessons and opportunities from the Wildland Fire Workshops.

Bridging the worlds of fire managers and researchers: lessons and opportunities from the Wildland Fire Workshops (PDF: 1.14 MB)



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Focused Science Delivery

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