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Science Findings: 2011

[Image]: Collage of Science Findings newsletter covers.To communicate our most significant findings to people who make and influence decisions about land management, we select up to 12 projects each year to highlight in a monthly publication.

This series, Science Findings, is available in PDF (To view and print PDF documents, you need the free Adobe Systems Inc. Acrobat Reader). Most issues also are available in hardcopy, although a few of the earlier ones are out of stock. If you would like copies, just contact us at


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Growing quality of life: urban trees, birth weight, and crime, based on science by Geoffrey H. Donovan
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Engineering a future for amphibians under a changing climate, based on science by Deanna Olson
pdf version
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Mount St. Helens: Still erupting lessons 31 years later, based on science by Charlie Crisafulli and Fred Swanson
pdf version
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Seeking common ground: protecting homes from wildfires while making forests more resilient to fire based on science by Alan Ager
pdf version
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Thermal pollution in rivers: Will adding gravel help to cool them down? based on science by Gordon Grant and Barbara Burkholder
pdf version
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Issue 132 (April/May 2011) Tracing the fox family tree: the North American red fox has a diverse ancestry forged during successive ice ages, based on science by Keith Aubry


Issue 131 (March 2011) Canaries in a coal mine: using lichens to measure nitrogen pollution, based on science by Linda Geiser and Sarah Jovan


Issue 130 (February 2011) Clark’s nutcracker and whitebark pine: Can the birds help the embattled high-country pine survive? based on science by Martin G. Raphael, and Teresa Lorenz.


Issue 129 (January 2011) Watershed councils: it takes a community to restore a watershed, based on science by Rebecca Flitcroft.



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