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Science Findings: 2006

[Image]: Collage of Science Findings newsletter covers.To communicate our most significant findings to people who make and influence decisions about land management, we select up to 12 projects each year to highlight in a monthly publication.

This series, Science Findings, is available in PDF (To view and print PDF documents, you need the free Adobe Systems Inc. Acrobat Reader). Most issues also are available in hardcopy, although a few of the earlier ones are out of stock. If you would like copies, just contact us at





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Issue 89 (December 2006) Monitoring forests from space: quantifying forest change by using satellite data, by Warren Cohen and Sean Healey


Issue 88 (November 2006) Society's choices: land use changes, forest fragmentation, and conservation, by Ralph Alig


Issue 87 (October 2006) Does it work? Monitoring the effectiveness of stream management practices in Alaska, by Richard Woodsmith


Issue 86 (September 2006) Does wood slow down "sludge dragons?" The interaction between riparian zones and debris flows in mountain landscapes, by Gordon Grant


Issue 85 (July 2006) Seeing the bigger picture: landscape silviculture may offer compatible solutions to conflicting objectives, by Susan Stevens Hummel


Issue 84 (June 2006) Knock on wood: Is wood production sustainable in the Pacific Northwest? by Bob Deal


Issue 83 (May 2006) If a tree falls in the woods, who will measure it? DecAID decayed wood advisor, by Bruce Marcot, and Janet Ohmann


Issue 82 (April 2006) Searing the rhizosphere: belowground impacts of prescribed fires, by Jane Smith


Issue 81 (March 2006) Prescribed fires are not created equal: fire season and severity effects in ponderosa pine forests of the southern Blue Mountains, by Becky Kerns, Walt Thies, and Chris Niwa


Issue 80 (February 2006) Rocky to bullwinkle: understanding flying squirrels helps us restore dry forest ecosystems, by John F. Lehmkuhl


Issue 79 (January 2006) Highways and habitat: managing habitat connectivity and landscape permeability for wildlife, by Peter Singleton








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