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[Image]: Cover of publication entitled Valuing A Log: Alternative Approaches.Research notes (RNs) provide observational information on new techniques or instruments, updates on studies not yet completed.


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RN-577 (2017) Silvies Valley Ranch, Oregon: Using Artificial Beaver Dams to Restore Incised Streams, by Rachael Davee, Susan Charnley, and Hannah Gosnell. [Abstract] (11 MB)


RN-576 (2017) Ecosystem processes related to wood decay, by Bruce G. Marcot. [Abstract] (8 MB)


RN-575 (2017) A Review of the role of fungi in wood decay of forest ecosystems, by Bruce G. Marcot. [Abstract] (9 MB)


RN-573 (2017) Environmental persistence of a pathogen used in microbial insect control, by Karl M. Polivka, Greg Dwyer, and Constance J. Mehmel. [Abstract] (559 KB)


RN-572 (2015) Research and development portfolio of the sustainability science team national sustainable operations USDA Forest Service, by Trista Patterson, David Nicholls, Jonathan Long. [Abstract] (600 KB)


RN-571 (2015) Monitoring western spruce budworm with pheromone- baited sticky traps to predict subsequent defoliation, by Christine G. Niwa, David L. Overhulser [Abstract] (2.1 MB)


RN-570 (2014) Composition of diets selected by Sitka black-tailed deer on Channel Island, central southeast Alaska, by Thomas A. Hanley, Michael P. Gillingham, and Katherine L. Parker [Abstract] (361 KB)


RN-569 (2013) Water Quality Trends in the Entiat River Watershed: 20072010, by Richard D. Woodsmith, Pamela K. Wilkins, and Andy Bookter [Abstract] (6 MB)


RN-568 (2012) Estimating sawmill processing capacity for Tongass timber: 2009 and 2010 Update, by Susan J. Alexander and Daniel J. Parrent [Abstract] (776 KB)


RN-566 (2012) What is urban environmental stewardship? Constructing a practitioner-derived framework, by M. Romolini, W. Brinkley, and K. L. Wolf [Abstract] (909 KB)


RN-565 (2010) Estimating sawmill processing capacity for tongass timber: 2007 and 2008 update, by Susan J. Alexander and Daniel J. Parrent [Abstract] (81 KB)


RN-564 (2010) Recent Trends in the Asian Forest Products Trade and Their Impact on Alaska 2010, by Joseph A. Roos, Daisuke Sasatani, Allen M. Brackley, and Valerie Barber [Abstract] (3.3 MB)


RN-563 (2009) Water quality trends in the Entiat River Subbasin: 2007–2008, by Andy Bookter, Richard D. Woodsmith, Frank H. McCormick, and Karl M. Polivka [Abstract] (3.6 MB)


RN-562 (2009) New approaches to forest planning: inventorying and mapping place values in the Pacific Northwest Region, by Troy E. Hall, Jennifer O. Farnum, Terry C. Slider, Kathy Ludlow [Abstract] (2.38 MB)


RN-561 (2009) Estimating Sawmill Processing Capacity for Tongass Timber: 2005 and 2006 Update, Allen M. Brackley, Lisa K. Crone [Abstract] (366 KB)


RN-560 (2009) Timber Harvests in Alaska: 19102006, Allen M. Brackley, Richard W. Haynes, Susan J. Alexander [Abstract] (601 KB)


RN-559 (2008) Timber Products Output and Timber Harvests in Alaska: An Addendum, Allen M. Brackley, Richard W. Haynes [Abstract] (366 KB)


RN-558 (2008) Stumpage prices and volumes sold for individual western national forests: 1984–2007, by David Kling [Abstract] (271 KB)


RN-557 (2007) Area-specific recreation use estimation using the national visitor use monitoring program data, by Eric M. White, Stanley J. Zarnoch, Donald B.K. English [Abstract] (2.15 MB)


RN-556 06-530 (2007) Red alder kitchen cabinets—How does application of commercial stains influence customer choice? by David Nicholls and Joseph Roos (1.50 MB) [Abstract]


RN-555 06-472 (2006) Financial analysis of fuel treatments on national forests in the Western United States, by Roger D. Fight, R. James Barbour (568 KB) [Abstract]


RN-554 06-501 (2006) Export chip prices as a proxy for nonsawtimber prices in the Pacific Northwest, by Gwenlyn M. Busby (888 KB) [Abstract]


RN-553 06-200 (2006) Estimating sawmill processing capacity for tongass timber: 2003 and 2004 update, by Allen M. Brackley, Daniel J. Parrent, and Thomas D. Rojas (380 KB) [Abstract]


RN-552 06-160 (2006) Roads in landscape modeling: a case study of a road data layer and use in the interior northwest landscape analysis system, by Marti Aitken and Jane L. Hayes (1.97 MB) [Abstract]


RN-551 06-091 (2006) Wood and coal cofiring in interior Alaska: Utilizing woody biomass from wildland defensible-space fire treatments and other sources, by David L. Nicholls, Stephen E. Patterson, Erin Uloth [Abstract] (206 KB)


RN-550 06-019 (2006) Domestic market opportunities for Alaska lumber-species preferences by secondary wood products manufacturers in the continental United States, by Joseph Roos and David L. Nicholls [Abstract] (100 KB)


RN-549 05-234 (2005) Yellow-cedar decline in the North Coast Forest District of British Columbia, by P.E. Hennon, D.V. D’Amore, S. Zeglan, and
M. Grainger1 (2.19 MB) [Abstract]


RN-548 05-140 (2005) Predicted future forest- and farmland development in western Oregon with and without land use zoning in effect, by J.D. Kline (2.62 MB) [Abstract]


RN-547 05-068 (2005) Economic feasibility of longer management regimes in the Douglas-fir region, by R. Haynes (420 Kb) [Abstract]


RN-546 05-042 (2005) Harvesting morels after wildfire in Alaska, by Tricia L. Wurtz, Amy L. Wiita, Nancy S. Weber, David Pilz (993 Kb) [Abstract]


RN-545 04-130 (2004) Estimating sawmill processing capacity for tongass timber, by K.A. Kilborn, D.J. Parrent, R.D. Housley (325 Kb) [Abstract]


RN-544 04-068 (2004) Characterizing meadow vegetation with multitemporal landsat thematic mapper remote sensing, by A.A. Ager, and K.E. Owens (669 Kb) [Abstract]


RN-543 03-095 (2003) AUTOSAW simulations of lumber recovery for small-diameter Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine from southwestern Oregon, by R. J. Barbour, D.L. Parry, J. Punches, J. Forsman, and R. Ross (436 Kb) [Abstract]


RN-542 04-290 (2004) Issues in evaluating the costs and benefits of fuel treatments to reduce wildfire in the Nation’s forests, by J.D. Kline (807 Kb) [Abstract]


RN-541 03-045 (2003) Valuing a log: alternative approaches by R.V. Nagubadi, R.D. Fight, and R.J. Barbour (765 Kb) [Abstract


RN-540 98-158 (1999) Historic resource production from USDA Forest Service Northern and Intermountain Region lands, by D. Calkin  [Abstract]


RN-539 98-094 (1999) Effect of fuels reduction on American martens and their prey, by E.L. Bull and A.K. Blumton [Abstract]


RN-538 98-032 (1999) Different perspectives on economic base, by L.K. Crone, R.W. Haynes, and N.E. Reyna  [Abstract]


RN-537 98-072 (1999) Chip prices as a proxy for nonsawtimber prices in the Pacific Northwest, by R.W. Haynes [Abstract]


RN-536 03-043 (2003) Calcareous fens in southeast Alaska by Michael H. McClellan, Terry Brock, and James F. Baichtal  (243 Kb) [Abstract


RN-535 02-173 (2002) Assessing visual soil disturbance on eight commercially thinned sites in northeastern Washington, by J.S. Tepp (82 Kb) [Abstract]


RN-534 02-118 (2002) Midscale analysis of streamside characteristics in the upper Grande Ronde subbasin, northeastern Oregon, by M.A. Hemstrom, T. Smith, D. Evans, C. Clifton, E. Crowe, M. Aitken [Abstract] (340 Kb)


RN-533 02-143 (2003) Site index equations and mean annual increment equations for Pacific Northwest Research Station forest inventory and analysis inventories, 1985-2001, by E.J. Hanson, D.L. Azuma, and B.A. Hiserote (478 Kb) [Abstract]


RN-532 02-143 (2002) Comparisons of estimated standard error for a ratio-of-means (ROM) estimator for a mapped-plot sample design in southeast Alaska, by Willem W.S. van Hees (52 Kb) [Abstract]


RN-531 01-120 (2001) Ecological and financial assessment of late-successional reserve management, by S.S. Hummel, R.J. Barbour, P.F. Hessburg, and J.F. Lehmkuhl [Abstract]


RN-530 03-151 (2003) Moisture distributions in western hemlock lumber from trees harvested near Sitka, Alaska by David L. Nicholls, Allen M. Brackley, and Travis Allen. (403 Kb) [Abstract]


RN-529 99-190 (2001) A method for measuring sediment production from forest roads, by K. Kahklen [Abstract]


RN-528 00-129 (2000) Managing the stands of the future based on lessons from the past: estimating western timber species product recovery by using historical data, by J.A. Stevens and R.J. Barbour [Abstract]


RN-527 00-125 (2000) Effects of water suspension and wet-dry cycling on fertility of Douglas-fir pollen, by D.L. Copes and N.C. Vance [Abstract]


RN-526 97-323 (1998) Reduction in growth of pole-sized ponderosa pine related to a pandora moth outbreak in central Oregon, by P.H. Cochran  [Abstract]


RN-525 97-229 (1998) Examples of mortality and reduced annual increments in white fir, by P.H. Cochran  [Abstract]


RN-524 97-013 (1998) Lithosequence of soils and associated vegetation on subalpine range of the Wasatch Plateau, by J.O. Klemmedson and A.R. Tiedemann [Abstract]


RN-523 97-100 (1997) Understory plant diversity in riparian alder-conifer stands, by R.L. Deal  [Abstract]


RN-522 97-099 (1997) Research information needs on terrestrial vertebrate species of the interior Columbia River basin and portions of the Klamath and Great Basins, by B.G. Marcot  [Abstract]


RN-521 96-079 (1996) Case history of population change in a Bacillus thuringensis-treated vs. an untreated outbreak of the western spruce budworm, by R.R. Mason and H.G. Paul


RN-520 95-197 (1996) Selected economic and demographic data for counties of the interior Columbia River basin, by W.J. McGinnis


RN-519 95-199 (1996) Projecting population change in the interior Columbia River basin, by S.F. McCool and R.W. Haynes


RN-518 95-099 (1996)  Reducing stand densities in immature and mature stands at Applegate Watershed in southwest Oregon, by M.L. Main and M.P. Amaranthus


RN-517 94-062 (1996) Board-foot and cubic-foot volume tables for western redcedar in southwest Alaska, by D.J. DeMars


RN-516 94-061 (1996)  Board-foot and cubic-foot volume tables for Alaska cedar in southeast Alaska, by D.J. DeMars


RN-513 94-005 (1994) Suggested stocking levels for forest stands in northeastern Oregon and southeastern Washington, by P.H. Cochran, J.M. Geist, D.L. Clemens, R.C. Clausnitzer, and D.C. Powell


RN-512 93-001 (1992) Instar development of the Douglas-fir tussock moth in relation to field temperatures, by R.C. Beckwith, D.G. Grimble, and J.C. Weatherby


RN-511 93-054 (1992) A spruce budworm sampling program for Husky Hunter field data recorders, by F.H. Schmidt


RN-510 92-027 (1992) Economic implications for management of structural retention on harvest units at the Blue River Ranger District, Willamette National Forest, Oregon, by J.F. Weigand and A.L. Burditt


RN-507 90-225 (1991) Persistence of western hemlock and western redcedar trees 38 years after girdling at Cat Island in southeast Alaska, by P.E. Hennon and E.M. Loopstra


RN-506 90-215 (1991) Control of western dwarf mistletoe with the plant growth regulator, Ethephon, by C.G. Parks and J.T. Hoffman


RN-505 90-107 (1991) In vitro fruiting of Armillaria spp., by J.L. Reaves and M. McWilliams


RN-504 90-187 (1991) Development of western spruce budworm on Douglas-fir callus tissue, by R.C. Beckwith and B. Goldfarb


RN-503 90-246 (1991) Vacuum collection of Douglas-fir pollen for supplemental mass pollinations, by D.L. Copes, N.C. Vance, W.K. Randall, A. Jasumback, and R. Hallman


RN-502 90-039 (1991) Sensitivity of trim projections to management, harvest, yield, and stocking adjustment assumption, by S.J. Alexander


RN-447 85-305 (1986) Interim definitions for old-growth Douglas-fir and mixed-conifer forests in the Pacific Northwest, by the Old-Growth Definition Task Force


RN-293 (1977) Financial consequences of commercial thinning regimes in young-growth Douglas-fir, by Robert M. Randall (523 KB) [Abstract].


RN-271 (1976)Response of Penstemon Fruticosus to fertilization, by G. O. Klock (196 KB) [Abstract].


RN-261 (1975)Observation on the rhizomes and roots of Vaccinium Membranaceum, by Don Minore (1 MB) [Abstract].


RN-249 (1975)Sugar Pine Seedlings not protected from blister rust by chemotherapeutants. , by George M. Harvey (187 KB) [Abstract].


RN-212 (1973) Wildfires and thunderstorms on Alaska's north slopes, by Richard J. Barney, Albert L. Comiskey (2 MB) [Abstract]


RN-181 (1972) Maple sirup production from bigleaf maple, by Robert H. Ruth, Clyde J. Underwood, Clark E. Smith, Hoya Y. Yang (433 Kb) [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.



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